Monday, April 8, 2013

Phone Guy & Princess + Five Come for a Visit

Phone Guy and his family came for a visit at the end of March and we had a wonderful time. We filled our days with fun while they were here and the weather cooperated, it was beautiful!  The first day they were here, we went to the Arne Hanna Aquatic Center in Bellingham.

 This seems like a funny photo to start the post with, but read it and then ask me what The Mr. and I left unattended.  Okay, okay, I will give you a hint......
.... yup, we left Little Brother behind in the front lobby and headed off to the change rooms without him.  Phone Guy was standing right there and saw what had happened right away lol.  I guess we're not quite used to being a family of four yet!

Phone Guy and Princess' five!  Their littlest guy is just 11 days older than Little Brother.  Their kids are growing up fast.  Check out this photo of their oldest... he is the one on the right.  Look how much their little girl has grown since this trip!  It is fun to see the pictures of her together with Little Mr.

Their littlest has ours beat in the hair category!

The Mr. looked like he was teaching a toddler swimming lesson.

Little Mr. got very comfortable in the water and I think it really helped to see his friends enjoying it so much.  The pool at Arne Hanna is so awesome for kids because it has a slanted entrance just like a beach.

Little Miss J was so comfortable in the water thanks to swimming lessons.  Now I want to take Little Mr. to some, they sound like fun!

  The babies had matching monkey feet.  The crazy thing was that I had coordinating outfits for Little Brother for every one of the outfits that their littlest wore during the visit.  I guess Carters clothes are popular! My favorite line of theirs right now is called Make a Splash.  Little Brother has this and their littlest has this.

Back at home!  It was so much fun for Oliver to have this many kids to play with.

We went to Boulevard park one day during their visit and we got to try out the new double stroller for the first time.  It's so cool!  The best stroller I have ever pushed, hands down. You can steer it with one hand, the storage basket is easily accessible and very roomy, it's comfy for the kids, has a carseat that clips right into it etc. etc.  What a nice gift.

A train of strollers on the boardwalk at Boulevard park.

Princess and her littlest.

Little Mr.

After a day in the sunshine, we felt like some good food for dinner so we went out to Pepper Sisters.  Yum!


  1. Love the contrasting size of your two boys in the double stroller! Looks like a super-fun time!

  2. As usual you got some really great pictures!! That was a very fun weekend! thank you so much for your hospitality! No wonder Little Mr. is so quick, in the one of the boys running back down the boardwalk, his feet are barely touching the ground! :) Love the one of ours in a row ready for swimming, would love to get a copy from you.

  3. Good point Sjo! It looks like he is just floating along as he is running! I'll have to show that to The Mr.

    I'll email you a copy of the swimming pic!

  4. What fun; I love the shot of Sjo and her tiny guy. Your kids have some fantastic little friends.


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