Friday, April 5, 2013

Daily Life With Two Boys

 Costco/shopping trips are even more interesting now.  Good thing Costco has huge carts and our car has a large trunk!

Little Mr. plays with his new parking garage every day.

 Little Brother is getting addicted to the swing.  It comes in handy!

I love catching moments like this. 

 Shopping at Target.  Our infant seat doesn't work well in their carts, so I improvised. :)

 Rows are one of Little Mr.'s greatest accomplishments.  Especially early in the morning!

He also really loves books and this is a common sight these days.


  1. Love the car garage, my grandma had one just like it when I was growing up. We loved it! Now I want one for my boy.
    My nephew loves to line up his toys too.
    Wonderful pictures. Nice to see that life with two boys isn't much different from life with two girls. Just different toys :).

  2. Love these types of posts! A peek into your life that I don't usually get to see. :)

  3. I agree with Holly. I love this post! So cute. :) Little mr. is getting so grown up!


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