Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Photos from a few random days here and there... :)

How do you like that for a post title? Obviously I am not very creative!  It wasn't even worth capitalizing.

 On the 14th, Grandma J and Aunt D came for a visit!

 One of Little Mr.'s ways to show his love for his Little Brother is to ask to burp him. He wants the burp cloth draped over his shoulder and Little Brother trusted to his care lol, but he still needs a little help! ;)

  Little Mr. isn't looking so little anymore!

 On the 16th, we were at the C house for the weekend and I walked upstairs to attend a baby shower for Ioi.  However, I was then informed that I was also a guest of honor, as it was a joint baby shower!  I was so surprised and blown away!  As always, the ladies from the Richmond meeting had prepared a feast, for the eyes and for the belly!  Such beautiful food.

 Babcia made this!  By hand!  (Babcia is Drooler's Grandma.)

 I was pleasantly surprised to be gifted this vintage Little People parking garage as a group gift as it was something I had been wanting, but little did I know, there was a slip of paper that revealed that this was the actual gift.  Seriously nice!

 This little lady never tires of holding babies, especially newborns.  These two were the guests of honor.

 Just a few of the kiddos present at the shower.

One of our favorite stops on a sunny afternoon is Woods Coffee at Boulevard Park in Bellingham.  The coffee is yummy and the view is awesome.

The view!

My three guys!  I love them so much!

Brotherly love.


  1. Thank you for sharing the pictures of your family. Those boys are adorable.

  2. I love the parking garage!! I remember playing with ours. And that stroller is beautiful! Thanks for an update with lots of pictures!

  3. I know Kim, the stroller is seriously nice. The cool thing is that we bought a new infant car seat for Little Brother that will click right into the stroller, so it's like a double stroller that is also a travel system... we're so excited!


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