Friday, July 15, 2011

Visiting the S Family

Half way through June, we packed our bags and went on a three week trip. Our first of many stops was to visit Phone Guy and Princess, who just two weeks before our visit had moved to a farm! Their four little ones now have so much room to run and play and a fun farm environment to spend their time in. The house is a beautiful 100 year old farm house on land, and the yard is complete with gardens, chickens, turkeys, a gigantic play structure and a beautiful view on all sides. Here's the photos I was able to shoot during our visit. I am definitely not taking as many photos as I did before The Little One arrived, but I am slowly getting back in the habit and enjoying it once again!

Allen having a glass of water before taking me on a tour of their farmyard.

The turkeys and chickens belong to the owners of the home, so the S's don't have to take care of them. I think it is so fun to have animals in the yard for the kids to watch, and feed kitchen scraps to. :)

Gobble Gobble!

There are many pens of chickens on the farm, and in this particular coop the chickens have been roosting in the pine tree of all places, it is a sight to see!

Allen is getting to be quite the young man!

As I walked around, The Little One napped soundly in the Moby Wrap.

Construction vehicles all in a row.

Princess shares her flower gardens with a few trucks here and there.... and everywhere! :) Soon that may be case here as well, since The Little One already has quite the collection himself.

Beautiful flowerbeds surround the house.

The house is full of the beautiful things that come with old houses - massive wooden doors, tall ceilings, skeleton key holes, old fashioned door knobs, built-in cabinets and even a clawfoot tub.

Here is the built-in china hutch and if you look past the kitchen, you can see the baking center and old farmhouse sink.

Julabeans enjoys her exersaucer in the sunny playroom.

Nap Time!

The little one was the only boy sleeping at the time, but I think the other two in the room did drift off eventually and Allen was quietly playing outside.

MMM, fresh baking!

The Mr. and The Little One enjoying a perfect afternoon in the shade.

This was The Little One's first time laying outdoors, and he seemed to really enjoy it.

Princess brought Julabeans out to enjoy the cool shade as well.

I love those tiny daisies often found in grass.

Tiny Fingers

Tiny Toes

Look how cute they are!

The Mr. on his first Father's Day!

Playing disc golf at Dabney State Recreation Area.

Boys will be boys!

Dabney is beautiful in the early summer when the rhodys are blooming.

Julabeans all snuggled in for a nap.


  1. Beautiful pictures. Those kiddos are so photogenic.

  2. Wow you got loads of pictures!! Thanks for posting them as mine are still probably a long time in coming. That was such a fun time, i'm glad you guys got to come.

  3. Fun to get to see your blog again!!


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