Friday, July 1, 2011

The Little One Visits Seattle

If you are looking for a relaxing time and have a low budget and little time to plan, I highly suggest you do what The Mr. did a few weekends ago! (Disclaimer: This is not an advertisement and I am not being compensated to say this.) He used to get a hotel right in the Seattle Center area of downtown Seattle for a steal of a deal. With Priceline, you choose the area you are looking to stay in, the number of stars you want for the hotel and the price you are willing to pay, and other than those three variables, you never know what you are going to get. This time it turned out so awesome. Not only was the hotel a Hilton brand hotel called Homewood Suites, but it was just a few short blocks from Seattle Center (access to IMAX, Space Needle, Monorail to the malls and shopping area and much more) but to our surprise the hotel served a free hot breakfast as well as a free hot dinner! Have you ever heard of anything so crazy as a free dinner? It wasn't just fries and a hot dog either, each night they have a different gourmet menu.

Our room was decorated simply, but it was so nice! The fact that it was a suite was such a cool surprise. Not only did we have a full kitchen and a front room, we had a solid door that lead into the bedroom. When your sharing a hotel room with a sweet little baby that squeaks and grunts all night, separation is key to a good nights sleep!

The front room, a.k.a. the nursery. :)

Our free dinner that night was amazing, it was Mexican food! The dinner is served buffet style and the evening we were there they served tacos (hard shell, soft tortilla or taco salad), refried beans, Mexican rice, chicken, beef, guacamole, salsa, sour cream, etc. They had all the toppings and actually had more than I would have expected. The food tasted so good. MMM!

The Little One in front of the Monorail sign. I tried to get a similar shot of him with the Space Needle, but the only way to successfully get the shot would have been to hold him up in the air. Since he was in the middle of his nap, we skipped that idea!

The Space Needle

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