Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Walla Walla, Wa

On the June 21st, we arrived in Walla Walla, Wa. When we first arrived, we did a little window shopping and went for coffee with The Mr.'s sister and her husband in downtown Walla Walla. It's a pretty place to spend an afternoon!

A very neat toy store.

That night we headed over to T&J's house as that was where we would be staying until the weekend. Here is a round of Rook being played. During this trip I actually learned to play Rook, and although I am not that good at it, I had a lot of fun!

The next afternoon we all went over to a friends house for a swim.

S&S have a beautiful pool and yard!

The Mr. warding off an attack.

The Little One stayed cool inside.

They not only have a pool, but sheep and chickens and a gorgeous view.

That night we had dinner at Tiki Teriyaki Grill and it was the first time in many years I was able to have teriyaki, as they make their own sauce and it is gluten-free. It was SO good!

The day after that we took a hike on some paths nearby and the W kids had some friends along. It was a beautiful day.


Blue Heron

Wild Rose

Blue Heron

A and A in the tall grain.

Sometimes the river is diverted here when it gets too full to run through town, but the canal was dry so we could walk across it.

Snake! I also see some sort of animal tracks maybe? It looks like something with claws was scratching it's way along.

Little K's solution to lawn mower noise! So cute.

The girls loved The Little One and helped me out so much by keeping him company.

Little K's 3rd birthday party.

The Mr. and The Little One

This is the only photo I managed to get, but the yard was FULL of kids and water and toys were strewn everywhere. So much fun for Little K's birthday!

A warning.

Gift opening time.

An excited birthday girl.

Our visit to Walla Walla was so much fun!


  1. Hey! (tried commenting yesterday but for some reason it wasn't working) That looks like such a fun visit. Oliver has such cute outfits!!

  2. Thanks Lisa, most of them are gifts! :)


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