Thursday, July 28, 2011

On The Road Again

After our visit in Walla Walla, we decided to head towards Regina, SK and stop somewhere on the way for 2 nights. The first few hours of the trip were my favorite, as we drove through rolling green hills. It was so beautiful!

The Little One slept so well in his car seat, we were very thankful. His hair lays flat on his head now, I miss this little "buzz cut" of hair he had when it first grew in!

We happened to stop for a bathroom & diaper changing break at the continental divide, which was a fun surprise! It was neat to remember seeing it from my Amtrak train, and to be able to stand and take a photo this time instead of rushing on by so quickly.

Finlay Bridge in Medicine Hat, built in 1908, was once the largest bridge in Western Canada and the most important bridge across the South Saskatchewan River.

The Saamis Teepee

About 10 minutes from my parents house, we saw a lake where there was once was a small winding river and miles of hay fields. There has been so much flooding this year I don't think the shape of the valley floor will ever be the same. If you go to YouTube and search Saskatchewan 2011 Flooding, there are all sorts of videos that show the destruction. I think this one is interesting. Most of the videos are from April, but even now in July there are still bike paths under water in Regina and all along the river there are lakes where there was once deep riverbeds.


  1. Beautiful pics! I especially like the baby one! He's sweet!

  2. What a beautiful area. Great pics as usual.

  3. This post is SO cool to me. I can't wait to get up to that area of Canada to explore. We spent last weekend with a bunch of people who also Overland Travel from Alberta and BC, and we're trying to figure out when we can carve out some time to explore more of Canada, hopefully soon. Beautiful!


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