Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Nursery Tour

The changes are oh so slowly creeping in, but I am not ready for them.  Some day this room will no longer be for a baby, but for a little boy.  And then a big boy and an even bigger one.  I never did take nursery photos when the room was freshly finished, but it's background to a few action shots here and there so it is somewhat recorded in Little Mr.'s history.  Before The Mr. lowered the crib mattress and I changed the bookshelf around and other changes started happening, I thought I had better take some photos of the nursery.

The lamb on the top shelf was mine when I was a baby and plays Jesus Loves Me.  John Deere toys courtesy of my dad of course. The blue box under the blue horse holds Little Mr.'s newborn things.  Like hospital bracelets, first pacifier, a newborn diaper, cards, the blue and pink striped hat the hospital gave him and other large things that won't fit in his baby book.

 On the bottom shelf are three very special blankets.  One was given to me as an infant by my late Grandma B. and I think it is special to be able to use this blanket for my own baby.  Another was hand made by Little Mr.'s Great Grandma C, and this means so much to us because she suffers with bad arthritis pain.  Every stitch is a stitch of love. The third blanket I made myself, and while that doesn't sound too exciting, I really love this blanket because of the story behind it.  I loved to make blankets for babies and when others would see me working on a blanket, they would ask me who it was for.  During the making of this particular blanket several people asked me who this one was for, and I didn't have any specific plans for it, I just said it was for "whoever has a baby next."  Little did I know that it would be my own baby that would be using this precious blanket.  I get tears in my eyes just typing this!

The curtains were made from this Target shower curtain. I just cut the top off at the desired height and made a pocket for a rod. I used a bit of the leftover fabric for ties.  I still have the rest of the fabric, which was supposed to be made into a pillow and never was and still might be. :)

I loved the shower curtain because of the scribble trees and Mr. Owl and Mr. Squirrel.

Ikea Hemnes dresser made changing table.  A wire basket holds wipes and diaper cream.

This is usually somewhat true as to what the contents of the drawers look like, but a little messier.  Laundry day had ended so things are a bit tidy in there.

These are color copies of pages from a book that belonged to my Dad when he was little.  We framed them and The Mr. hung them in a grid pattern.  Number 7 was one of my favorite pages from the book, so I framed that one differently and hung it above the crib, as it is a photo of a bunch of kids headed off to bed.  I really should have taken a close up of that frame as well.

Countless hours were spent here in this chair.  Countless!  We are past that stage now, but Little Mr. and I still sit here and cuddle with a bottle a few times a day.  I savor those moments.

The Mr. assembled this crib over a year ago, although it seems like it was just yesterday.

My mom made the beautiful retro quilt.  It's just perfect, and includes some fabric we chose together, as well as two fabrics I purchased way before Little Mr. was born, during a wonderful moment visiting some little shops on the day I was given a "Mothers Shower".  It was such a fun day and I don't regret the impulse buy that these fabrics were!  I drooled over them and decided they had to come home with me.

I made the banner here and you can see a close up of it in that post, but I haven't taken a close up of the finished product yet. I really should have for this post!  I have a confession to make though.... and it is that the banner has never lived above the crib. I only just finished sewing it together recently and stuck it up there just for the photo.  Little Mr. stands in the crib now and could easily pull the banner down if I left it there!  Too bad I waited so long to finish it.  Now it is going to have to be hung somewhere else.

Some day this quilt is going to be all loved and faded so I thought it would be nice to take some photos of it.  This fabric is called Let's Play.

This Retro Rocket fabric from the quilt has little animals and children flying around space in space suits.  I like the little mouse in the bubble. :)

That's all for now! It will be interesting to see what his room looks like a year from now, just before he turns 2.  I'm guessing he'll still be in the crib because I will be trying to keep him a baby as long as possible lol.


  1. Aw! What a great room! Those precious touches are what make it so special--maybe not for them, but definitely for us, right?! :-)

  2. You are a talented decorater, and looks like a neatnik, too!! Cute stuff! He is well loved and cared for, no doubt!!!!

    1. I had a photo of his messy closet in this post and had to delete it. I just couldn't bring myself to post it ha ha. I'm a tidy-at-first-glance type of person, but in closets.... definitely not!

  3. I just saw that shower curtain at Target the other day and thought "ah, that's really cute". Looks great as curtains too! Caroline was in a crib until she was nearly three and a half : ) It was during our three moves in 1.5 years portion of life and buying a new bed when we didn't have a house wasn't high on the priority list. It helps you pretend that you can stop time :)

  4. I love the idea of framing copies of a favorite vintage book! And Mr. Little's whole room is cute (have to say that now, he sure won't want a "cute" room when he is 10! And I want to add that keeping a child in a crib until they are 3ish is what I did too, for the ones I could. As long as they don't crawl out (mine didn't) it works great! ~Twila

  5. Love the framed book pages. I have wanted to do that but I procrastinate on, well everything. Also the vintage fabric in the quilt is adorable. My girls have an infant sized blanket with vintage Dick and Jane fabric on one side and red and white check on the other, that my mother-in-law made for them. It's my favorite one.


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