Monday, April 23, 2012


It's unbelievable to me that in just a couple of weeks a week from this Wednesday (aaaah!!  Scary, I had to come edit that!) it is going to be May 2 and it will have been a year since Little Mr. was born! This year has flown by so quickly. It seems like he is learning new things every day and I think he is gearing up for another growth spurt as well. He has been eating a lot and taking long naps. He still loves to crawl around army style, even though he has perfectly good hands and knees.  His favorite activity right now is pulling up on anything and everything. He's had a few hard falls though, for example, when he learned that kitchen drawers open when you use them to pull yourself up. Ouch! Thankfully it hasn't happened again and has gotten really tough these days. He's become more independent recently, crawling around the house finding new places to pull up on. He also started furniture walking a bit, which is exciting. He is very happy to be able to explore and when he is excited about something, he talks to me from one of the other rooms so I will come see what he is doing.  We are having so much fun being mommy and daddy to this little guy!  We thank the Lord for him!

 We have a ton of hats for Little Mr. but he's not sure what he thinks of them. I'm hoping he'll get used to them before he really needs them this summer!

 People say Little Mr. is "always smiling" so I had to share this photo.  A wise mom once told me to capture moments like this and I am glad she shared that tidbit with me!  When he is old I will probably love photos like this.  Little Mr. was particularly tired at this moment of time and had started crying for a silly reason so I snapped a pic.

 "Fastest Kid in Town" shirt. :)  The shoes are hand me downs from cousin Jack and are more than a size too big, but they matched the shirt!

A new piece of furniture in the living room for toy and book storage.  Just waiting for these baskets to come in stock so four of them can be added and a toy rotation can be started.  It will be so nice to get that going because right now all the toys are in one big laundry basket and the toys aren't really "exciting" anymore.  If I can hide some of the toys away in baskets I think it will really help.

 We kept the exersaucer in the house with hopes it would help him learn to pull up on furniture and it really has helped.

 He loves walking behind this walker from Gramma and Grampa B!  We don't have to stay close to him anymore when he uses it.  This photo was taken quite a while ago.

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