Tuesday, January 24, 2012

An Afternoon of Crafting

Today I got to do one of my favorite things—craft with friends! H came over with her three kids and it was a great afternoon of doing taking-care-of-kid things and crafting. Both H and I did get quite a lot of crafting done, so it was a successful meeting. I started working on a bunting for Little Mr.'s room and H made name signs for her two girls to match one that I made for Droo's nursery five years ago. (I can't believe he is five years old now!)

The five year old himself.

It was the perfect type of day to stay inside because the weather was "positively dreadful," as H would say. The wind was beating against the windows, rain and hail were taking turns falling, and it was dark enough outside that the open blinds were making me feel like a fish in a fishbowl, even though it was mid afternoon.

H's three kids kept Little Mr. happily entertained while we crafted. Little Mr. happily stared off into the distance in some sort of an overwhelmed/overstimulated, teething-induced trance as the kids ran around the house playing and occasionally stopped by to play with him or give him a toy that had dropped out of his reach. It was so sweet!

Little Mr. has dropped his toy and is patiently waiting for K to notice.

K noticed and picked it back up for him. This time, and the 100 or so times after.

I think it is obvious that I have collected too many paper-crafting supplies. Card stock, patterned papers, punches, stamps and pads, embellishments, embossing paraphernalia, glues.... you name it. If you don't use it, you just save it all up until it is out of style and outdated... so we used it! I cut into all sorts of papers that I had been hoarding saving for using in Little Mr.'s nursery somehow, and it feels good to actually be using them and have something in the works! Hopefully when it is finished and up on the nursery wall I will take some photos and do a nursery reveal post, since I've never actually done a nursery tour here on the blog.

A, K and Little Mr.

Droo added to my winter decor a bit. It's still hanging there and looks quite pretty. It's abstract art!

My project is still in the works. At this point some of the triangles are in different pairs and all the edges of these 16 triangles have been rubbed with my favorite stamp pad for rubbing edges. I love the look it gives.... you'll see when the bunting is done that it really makes things pop!

I will leave you with one last photo—a group shot of the kids. H and I really should have gotten into the photo too, I'm bad about being in photos!

Check out the difference between this group shot and this one taken of the same kids on 8/25/11!


  1. Love the little "Pippy Longstocking" socks!! Looks like
    lots of fun!!

  2. That was a lot of fun, thanks! And thanks for getting all those pictures!

  3. That looks like so much fun. :-) Crafting with friends is great. I've never gotten into paper crafts... I'm holding out as long as possible, ha. My poor husband might flip if I started adding paper to the crafting budget and storage needed, along with all the current fabric, paint, canvasses, etc. :-) Haha, actually just the thought of it stresses me out, so no paper for me.

  4. Too many paper-crafting supplies??!! Have you seen my stash? Looks like you guys had fun!


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