Monday, January 30, 2012

A Very Squirmy-Wormy Photoshoot

A little friend.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar got to join in a photo opp the other day when white snowy light was shining in the sliding back door. Little Mr. is too long for these vintage overalls now and I wanted to catch some photos of him wearing them for the last time. I picked them up at a second hand store for 25 cents way before he was born, with plans to hang them on the wall if we left them unpainted. Well, we painted the walls... and he wore the overalls. :)

A big friend.

Little toes.

Little fingers.
(I love how his pointer is holding his thumb on his left hand, he is growing out of this newborn habit, so it makes me happy that this shot was caught.)

Little bum. :)

I wonder if he could see his reflection?

Big smile.

Little drool.

Chest off the ground. Will he be crawling soon?

Big drool! (Poor Mr. Very Hungry is getting quite the shower!)


  1. He is so cute. It's so nice to photo the little baby habits while they still have them, they don't last nearly long enough.

  2. excellent photography!!! nd the lil' one is so cuteeeeeeeeeee...


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