Monday, January 23, 2012

The Little One is Now.....

At 8 1/2 months old The Little One:

has a blossoming personality
likes avocados the best but bananas are a close second
loves jumping like crazy in the exersaucer
has 7 teeth (#8 is on it's way!)
rolls all over the place
weighs over 17 lbs
is getting to big for the baby swing
still uses his feet like a monkey when playing with toys
loves to watch people and tries to get their attention by making silly sounds
kicks and splashes in the big bathtub
is a ham in front of the camera
and last but not least.....

The Little One is ready for a new blog nickname!

I just spent several minutes reading through comments on old posts to help me decide what to call him and Little Man, Mini Mr., and Little Guy were all runners up, but I have decided to call him "Little Mr." as per KDK's suggestion in the comments on this post! I might still slip up and call him The Little One occasionally, since I do call him that in real life once in a while, but I do really love the idea of calling him Little Mr. so I have to say a big thanks to KDK!


  1. I'm honored! He does look so much like the Mr., with that big smile.

  2. I think that's a perfect name for him. :-)

  3. Ok, it's working now! Probably just my computer. (I would click on the "post a comment" link and it wouldn't do anything.) Anyways, just wanted to say your kiddo is SO STINKIN CUTE!! I love that photo of him. And the "little Mr" is the perfect name for him. :)

  4. Great name! Ricka STILL only has two teeth, but she's crawling, walking the kitchen stool (walking with it as it slides away from her) and crawling EVERYWHERE. She still can't manage the step down into the dining room and crashes there regularly, and just last week she weighed 17lbs, 4oz. Oh, and she chirps to get attention. I love to see the Little Mr.'s progress posts - it's fun to see what other babies can do at these stages.

  5. Does he ever stop smiling?! So cute!


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