Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Snow and a Visit to The Woods

Well, if you haven't heard already.... it's snowing here! There have been a few snow days in our area so far and there are probably more to come as the roads are nasty. It's been fun to watch all the kids building snowmen, igloos/forts and jumps for their sleds. It's only 15 degrees outside right now so it's really quiet—everyone is staying inside! Occasionally you can hear a chickadee or red winged black bird when the sun comes out.

On Lord's day we had quite the surprise. We woke up and got ready for our day as normal, and when we were pulling out of our driveway the sky started to sprinkle the tiniest of little snow-ball flakes. It was the snow's version of "spitting" I guess you could say. However, a mile away from our house, there was about an inch of snow and it was snowing a little heavier. A mile or two further and there was more like five inches! It was so beautiful!

Huge flakes started coming down and it started making us think we should turn around and stay at home for the day. We kept going and about 10 or 15 miles later the weather really lightened up and there was barely any snow at all.

It was an especially fun day because we had several visitors that were able to stay for our regular potluck and afternoon Bible reading. Sallad and Grace were there, and Bri and her cousin Esther were so cute in their matching dresses!

That afternoon Sallad and Grace came up to Bellingham because we were all invited to Doc and Bashful's house for dinner that evening. (Sadly I didn't get any photos when we were at there house.) On our way North we stopped for coffee at The Woods in Boulevard Park. Here are the girls enjoying a snack.

Here are the boys! Cousins are so much fun.

Look how big my little baby is in that car seat! For comparison, below is a photo taken when he was 24 days old.

This photo was posted here, and looking back over the photos in that post makes my heart melt!

The second time he's tasted coffee. :)

He reaches out for more.

The Boardwalk in Boulevard park makes it easy to walk to Fairhaven if you are visiting during shopping hours.

Bellingham Bay

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  1. Glad to find your blog again via fb. Oliver is simply you know!!!! Happy he is such a joy!!!


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