Thursday, June 2, 2011

Happy 1-Month Birthday Little One!

Our Little One turns one month old today. I can't describe the feeling that this gives me. I am so happy that this little guy is part of our family. My life has changed and I wouldn't trade it for anything. He is growing so much and in the past week has gone through a growth spurt it seems. His cheeks are filling out and getting round, his knuckles have the most adorable little dimples now and his thighs and feet are getting pudgy. It is amazing how fast they grow and change. I am not quite sure I am ready for him to get any bigger!

It is bittersweet to watch him grow out of clothes and at the same time I am so happy by his growth. I've packed away several newborn outfits and brought out a couple of 0-3 month outfits to replace their spot in the drawer. He is definitely a long way from fitting most of his 0-3 month outfits, but some of them that fit smaller are just perfect for him at this stage. As I looked through the photos of his first month, I was blown away by how much and how fast they grow. The pacifier that once covered half his face now looks more suited to his size, pajamas with the sleeves rolled up are now an inch too short for his arms... the list goes on and on. Oh, and he is just about to switch to size 1 diapers as we are almost done our third box of newborn size and I'm going to go ahead and try the 1's now.

Our little guy is starting to hold his head up now that he is one month old. At times this makes him look like a bobble-head doll on the dash of someones car, and at other times his sweet little head is held strongly in place for a moment as he looks around and takes in his surroundings. He still can't see very far, I think they say it's about 15 inches at this age. Regardless of what he can actually focus on, he loves to look at lights on a ceiling, frames on a wall or stare out past the edge of his car seat.

He has given both of us a few good smiles that we are pretty sure are not gas related at all. Just in the past few days he has started smiling in a way that lights up his eyes and makes the recipient all gushy inside. I can't wait till he coos and smiles easily, it is such an awesome reward for a parent!

Here is a photo summary of his first month.

5/6/11 - Sleeves rolled up on a newborn sleeper.

Little Burrito

Super relaxed in the early days.

The pacifier covered half his face. :)

5/10/11 - Finally getting knuckle dimples, so sweet!

5/11/11 - More alert these days.

5/12/11 - First trip to the Bellingham waterfront.

5/13/11 - Is that a smile?


Meeting Drooler

5/18/11- 2 weeks old

5/26/11 - Dwarfed by the car seat.

5/27/11 - A cozy bed at Grandma J's house.

5/28/11 - Hanging out with Stephanie. This is his first little boy outfit.

5/29/11 - All Cozy!


  1. HE IS SO CUTE! Love every single picture. :) Isn't it amazing how much they change in just one month. SO much cuteness in one post! I just love it! Thanks for taking the time. :)

  2. Looking at the last photo again...its like the ultimate cozy baby photo! :) He looks like he should be a model baby! :)

  3. I love all the pictures! So fun to watch them grow! I sent a package, so let me know that it arrives :) Will we see you at conf?

  4. What a sweetheart! I love all the photos, thanks for posting them for us to see!

  5. Those pictures make me mushy!!!!! So cute. Happy one month Little One! And of course they are real smiles. Who ever made up that gassy thing anyway? My babies both smiled early on, too :)

  6. Okay, I've got my baby fix now! Thank you so much for putting these here for all us far away family to see! I can't wait to see him soon! I'm seriously aching to hold him!!!

  7. Miss that precious little bundle so much! Love from gramma B!

  8. So adorable! Can't wait to meet hime in person!

  9. He's just so cute! I can't wait for you guys to come over here! I think he looks a lot like you. He even sleeps with his mouth open... :)

  10. A month already! He is so precious! Oh, I miss those teensy baby days!

  11. Thanks for sharing the pictures. He is so precious! A. G.


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