Monday, January 16, 2012

California Trip Photos (Part 2)

After San Diego, we went to visit family in the desert. The weather was so perfect when we were there, sunny and warm without being hot. It was beautiful!

Cousins Miss H and Miss J became great friends with The Little One.

Uncle R hanging out with The Little One. Uncle R's back patio is such a beautiful spot!

I have a ton of photos like the one above, but none with them both smiling. Half of the time the photo is blurry because Miss J loves to move and flap her arms in the most adorable way, and the other half look something like the photo below....

He's such a ham!

We borrowed Miss J's walker, but never caught on to walking forward. He moved backwards a few times but was mostly interested in the slinky.

The J's house is within walking distance from a Starbucks, and as we were sitting enjoying our iced drinks one afternoon, I looked over to see this cute hummingbird in the palm tree. Definitely the fuzziest hummingbird I've ever seen. I like his hair cut. :)

Being a ham again.


The J's dog, who is a super fetcher.

Miss J

I love how easily they can grow fruit there. The J's have lemons and oranges right in their backyard.

A family shot of The Mr and I with The Little One. A rare catch! We need to work on that one.

This cracks me up.

It was really cool to introduce the Little One to his great Uncle R and Aunt R and we had a really nice time staying at their house.

On Lord's day, we were in Shadow Hills for meeting and then were invited over to the C's house for lunch. Mrs. C always makes such nice Sunday dinners!

Mr. C's beautiful custom built organ. Built into their front room ceiling there is a speaker system to go along with it that makes it sound like you are sitting in a massive chapel. It's really neat!

The Little One was being quite charming that day as he was being passed around.

Mr. C is in the process of building a huge model train track in their yard, complete with living miniature trees.

Coming around the bend. The train is radio controlled and has steam and realistic sounds depending on how fast you are driving it (clicking over the rails, releasing of steam, brakes screeching etc.) Pretty cool!

That afternoon we took off for home and ended up driving through the night again. It was nice to be home but I was wearing flip flops and it was COLD in Washington! It's always a bit of a shock coming back from vacation. :)


  1. I like how in the second family photo O and T's eyes are squinted shut just the same amount on each eye. Also, in the picture in the C backyard there is a young lady (I believe it's Nats) and she is lifting up her leg. Nora won't stop insisting that she must have stepped in dog poop. Hehe. Thanks for the pictures--they were entertaining...for me AND Nora : )

  2. After about the fifth photo of the Little One's gigantic smile, I laughed out loud. What a joy that kid must be! My boys would be beside themselves over the C's train...

  3. Awww that just warmed my heart to see those pictures :) Thanks Chatty!!
    BTW... anyone who wants to go and see Mr C's trains are more than welcome, just give them a call, he would LOVE to give you a tour of his "retirement" project - He's such a big kid ;)

  4. Love these pictures! Those huge squishy smiles just melt my heart every time!

  5. I come to my computer frequently for an "O" fix. These pictures sure do the job. What a happy little boy.What a cutie!
    Enjoyed sharing in your vacation in this way. I wish I could hear that organ!!!
    Grandma J


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