Monday, April 30, 2012

9-12 Month Must Haves

We tried a couple of sippy cups and Little Mr. couldn't drink out of them.  I didn't want to spend another $5 on yet another sippy cup so I bought the Nûby easy grip sippy cup at Target for less than $3.  Little Mr. figured out how to drink from it right away and we've been using it for water ever since.

Happy Baby Puffs taste great, are easy for little fingers to pick up and dissolve quickly in the baby's mouth.  We love them because they have two flavors that are gluten-free.  These ones are strawberry and the other flavor available is sweet potato. We pour some into a little snack container and keep them in the diaper bag at all times. They come in a fun container that makes a great toy once it's empty too.

We love the Fisher Price activity center and it is so entertaining!  This silly high-speed, no sound video is from back in February, but we're still getting lots of use out of the toy months later. If you are reading this via an email or blog reader, click over to the site to see the video.

The Kiddopotamus snack mat keeps Little Mr.'s food and hands off of nasty public surfaces.  The cup shaped lip keeps food off the ground and it rolls up nice and small for carrying in the diaper bag.


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Little Mr.!!!
    The C. Kids (and their parents) :)

  2. Seriously? They still make that Fisher Price toy? I love it!

    1. I don't think they make it anymore. We had this when we were kids, but I bought this one from a garage sale. You can buy them off ebay too.


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