Thursday, May 28, 2009

James Island

On the 21st we had a wonderful day. The Mr. and I took MomJ out on the boat for the second time. The only other time she was on our boat was our maiden voyage so it was about time! We visited an island we had never been to before called James Island. It was recommended to us by my Rheumatologist, twice actually! He told us it was a place we should definitely visit, so we made plans to do so.

The view from the boat as we drifted and ate a cold lunch. Little did we know we were just a few miles from our destination, but we were hungry so we stopped and drifted while we ate.

Our arrival at James island. The Mr. and his mom walking up to the island.

The traditional boat at the dock photo.

We definitely want to camp here sometime! It is the James Island Marine state park, which includes 113 acres and 12,335 feet of shoreline. It is one of the most rugged, but beautiful of the San Juan islands. If you camp here, you need to make sure and bring enough water with you, there is no well. This is the first island we have visited that has no running water.

The view from our favorite camping spot on the island. I bet this spot fills up fast!

Mt. Baker

James island has beautiful hiking with amazing views.

We thought this boat had a great name. A few days ago I did a bit of searching and actually found a blog written by the couple on this boat. They are on their way to Alaska! They are living on the boat with their cat. :)

The smell on this island was incredible. I think it had to do with all the fresh grass and flowers mixed with sunshine.

Field Chickweed
I bought a new book that tells you about the foliage and flowers on the islands. So bear with me as I guess flower names. :)

Pacific Banana Slug

Oxeye Daisy

There's our boat way down there. The boat on the other side of the dock was owned by an older man who was by himself. He had spent the night at the island and was just hanging out around the island for the day. We had a great talk with him and learned quite a bit about the island. He told us that he had actually seen deer on the island but had not yet found their source of water. I've heard of deer swimming from island to island, but that would be so weird to see. He also told us about a band of raccoons that were really smart. They would come onto the boats during the night and open cupboards and latches and coolers and get into everything. He mentioned that this season he hadn't seen them yet, so maybe the state caged them up and took them to a bigger island!

Stay tuned for part two. :)


  1. Wow! That island looks beautiful...and I LOVE that camping spot! Camping somewhere like that would be such a completely different experience!

  2. I want to live there! Please post the blog for the boat!

  3. Wow! I think this might be my favorite island so far in your island series. :-) Gorgeous. I want to stay in that campsite!!

  4. Nicole-

    I didn't share it in my post because occasionally there is a bit of bad language, but I found it so interesting to read!

  5. Hey, that's our boat!!! Too bad we missed you for a chat. We were out wandering the island as well. Thanks for the note, nice to hear from you.

    Jason & Christy
    s/v Hello World


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