Monday, November 17, 2008

Maiden Voyage

November 1, 2008

It was our first time to take the boat out on the water. We launched the boat in Everett, WA at the Langus Riverfront Park on the the Snohomish River which eventually meets up with the Puget Sound. It went very smoothly. Sallad, Grace, Bri, Mom J and Andrew C. were going out with us for the afternoon so we all climbed into the boat. The Mr. then attempted to start the boat, but nothing happened- we had forgotten how! After a couple of tries, I ran and got the boat manual out of the truck, which quickly solved the problem. Phew! It was all pretty funny if you ask me.

We then set out on the water, heading towards Poulsbo, dropping a crab pot along the way. We set a marker on the GPS so we would know how to find it on the way back. The voyage to Poulsbo was so much fun. The view was magnificent as the weather was calm and the trees were showing off their autumn colors. The canvas kept us nice and dry and Bri had a long nap all snuggled down in a nest on the cabin floor.

When we arrived at Poulsbo about 1 1/2 hours later, we docked the boat and visited the local bakery, coffee shop and antique shop before sitting down to an Italian dinner. It was so relaxing!

On the way home we got caught up in a little bit of a storm, which was quite interesting for our maiden voyage! Bri managed to sleep once again for almost the whole trip, and thankfully the canvas kept us all nice and dry. Except for Sallad, who accidentally got quite wet pulling his crab pot out of the water. The GPS turned out to be really accurate (we have had a few crab pot finding problems in the past) and even in the storm The Mr. and Sallad were able to get the pot into the boat.

Well, it was a pretty eventful first voyage, but very enjoyable! Thanks Sallad, Grace, Bri, Mom J and Andrew for sharing the day with us!

The boat turned out to be very easy to launch!

And we're off!

The Captain (The Mr.)

Andrew C.

The inside of the cabin, excuse the mess! Oh wait, what's that on the floor?!

Baby Bri in her little nest!

Mom J made a blueberry buckle and it was a nice treat while on the boat.

The baker herself!

Sallad and Grace

The Mr. and I on the bow of the boat.

Grace and Bri in the cabin.

Fall foliage at Poulsbo.

Our boat docked at the Poulsbo Marina. I don't have any photos of the trip home for obvious reasons... it was pitch black and storming!


  1. So much fun! And so funny about not remembering how to start the boat. :D
    Bri is getting so big...I haven't seen her in too long. She is absolutely adorable! :) And her little nest looks quite cosy. No wonder she had such good naps. :)

  2. Wow, sounds like so much fun... the pic of you and The Mr. on the bow is great... that's like holiday card material, if you ask me. :-)

  3. Do you have, or are you going to give your boat a name? 'the boat' just sounds like it should be 'Wave Crasher' or 'Ripple Queen' or something more exciting!

  4. Awesome boat!! Sounds like you had a lot of excitment on her first time out! :)

  5. Ahh! Bri is getting so big! Love her smile. We haven't seen her in a few months. Boating looks like it was fun even on a blustery day with that nice cover. Fun pix.

  6. Hi Chatty
    Looks like a lot of fun. So was there any crab in the pot he pulled "into the water"(maybe should read "out of the water")or just another sun fish?


  7. Oooo, what fun!!! That is just like the boat we have been looking at, the only difference is that we are looking at open bow, now I am so excited!

    Oh, and another thing. Remember way back when I won that awesome package from you?
    IT had this fog lifter coffee from some Seattle place in it and it was sooooo good! I am dying to have more of it but have no idea where to find it.
    Can I get it in Canada?

  8. ioi- we have a name for it actually, but haven't decided 100 percent. :) When we do, I'm sure it will be shared here!

    Dad- I can always count on you and The Mr. for catching my spelling or grammar mistakes. :) Blogger spell check quits on me and they don't have blogger grammar check!

    And yes, there were some crabs! They got to keep two of them I think, no sun star this time!

    Anna- as soon as I get to the store, coffee will be headed your way. I think the grocery store near Walmart in the North end sells Seattle's Best Coffee doesn't it? I think they have a café there. Maybe it's the IGA? You should check!

    That would be so cool if you got a boat, open bow is great for the lake!

  9. Happy boating! Tho I'm sure it will much better when spring/summer come again. Congrats on the great deal!


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