Saturday, May 30, 2009

James Island Part 2

I know I already posted twenty photos, but there are more. This was such a beautiful day and I just have to share these with you.

Some sort of fungus. Yes, you all have permission to laugh at me for taking a photo of fungus, but it's nature- I love it!

Death Camas

The Mr. and I. I was out of breath from climbing the hill.

It's so neat how the tides ripple the water. Sometimes you'll be going through a rough patch with huge smooth circles in it and you can look ahead and see a line drawn across the water that separates the rough from the smooth as well. So interesting.

The Mr. stepped close to the cliff to get this photo while his mother and I squirmed and screamed to get him to step back from the edge. Scary.

A Black Morrel mushroom- I can't believe this is edible, it looks so weird.

Field Chickweed

Pulling into Friday Harbor on San Juan Island

A boat with the same name as someone who reads this blog. (Hi Lisa!) We stopped and looked a a few shops before getting fish and chips at The Hungry Clam and ice cream at San Juan Ice Cream Co. (I heated a gluten free dinner up on the boat for myself and had chocolate for dessert from the kitchen shop on Spring street. MMM.)

Off we go again.

A boat with the name of someone else we know, our dog! This time at the Blaine marina.

A really really old boat. I forget the year that is on the smoke stack but maybe when I remember I will come and edit this note. It's an incredible boat that I hope someone is fixing up.

The Cormorants are on their nests now. I wonder what the babies will look like.


  1. After the end of your last post I thought you'd be saying your boat was trashed by racoons when you got back to it! ...mmm.. the hungry clam! Good memories from there.

  2. Holly- I completely forgot to finish the last paragraph in that post haha.

  3. I like those books that identify plants and trees. It's fun being a know-it-all on hikes, and it makes you much more aware of your surroundings!

  4. kdk- now that I have one for flowers/berries/trees, I want one for mushrooms too! I had to look that mushroom up when I got home.

  5. So many awesome pictures! I'm loving this 'tour' of the island! It is absolutely beautiful.

  6. looks like you guys had a fun time! i like the photo of all the boats as you're pulling into san juan harbour, i think it was!

  7. You take such wonderful photos and obviously love the area. I totally want to take a boat ride with you - you would be the best tour guide EVER!

  8. Amy- thank you and... thank you. Let us know when you are coming, and bring your tent! :)

  9. Stunning photos!!! You have such a great eye!
    How do you get the photos to show up so big?

  10. Anna:
    Step 1: upload your photos
    Step 2: view your post as html and completely delete " width: 300px; height: 400px;" from the html for each photo. It is found between the two links for the photo.
    Step 3: in the second link for the photo change "s400" to "s640".

    Unfortunately, you have to do that each and every time. :) It took me a long time to figure it all out, but once you know how to look for what to delete and what to change, it's easy!


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