Thursday, June 4, 2009

Doggy Play Date

A few weeks ago (boy I'm behind in blogging) The Mr. and I took Petra for a play date with some dogs that belong to Napper and Cheerful. It was hilarious how small Petra looked beside Bailey the Golden Retriever and Sadie the Weimaraner. The dogs played great together, but of course the Boxer's intense need to box their paws at other dogs and hug them around the neck makes for some interesting moments. Petra and Bailey played well until Bailey got tired of the boxing and barked at Petra. It was almost like she was saying "give me a break already!"Bailey would rest a few moments and then go play again. Sadie and Petra didn't play together as much as the other two and Sadie seemed to almost gain a respect from Petra, which is amazing. When Petra got close, a strange growl that sounded like a cow mooing would come from her throat. It was hilarious! Petra is 11 months, and still very much a puppy, but the dogs were nice to her/put up with her well and it was a fun day.

Petra's favorite thing to do while in the car is stick her head out the window. What do you think happens when a dog with jowls is met with a lot of wind? Watch the video below, but be forewarned. Turn your sound down if you don't want to listen to the funniest/strangest disco version of B-I-N-G-O you have ever heard.

Petra, Sadie and Bailey playing.

Napper and Cheerful have a beautiful lilac bush in their back yard.

Tired out and relaxing in the shade.

Notice Petra is still standing, she has seemingly endless energy.

The dogs got pretty muddy when we took them down to Langus Riverfront Park. The last time we were here was when we launched the boat for our maiden journey.

I love the architecture in downtowns. Everyone decided that it would be fun to drive to downtown Seattle and go out for supper. It was so fun! The dogs stayed behind, and we were glad we didn't have to worry about Petra getting out like last time, because they had a 6 foot high fenced yard.

Our dinner destination! Did you know that this place has a menu so large that it is a spiral bound book complete with advertisements? The food was so good, and once again, the waitress was familiar with Celiac disease and might have actually been a gluten free eater herself (I can't remember.) I am very thankful that I can eat at restaurants now that a lot more people are learning about the disease. I had Baja Chicken tacos, without the seasoning, sauce, black beans and rice. Isn't it scary how many places gluten can hide? I had steamed vegetables instead, which was healthier anyways!

Half way through our meal, The Mr. got a phone call, but since we were eating dinner, and in a restaraunt, and it was a number we didn't recognize we let it go to voicemail. A few minutes later, The Mr. checked our voicemail just to make sure it wasn't something really important. Believe it or not, it was a repeat of what happened last time we brought Petra to a friends house, she got out! We couldn't believe it. She would have had to do a lot of clambering and climbing in order to get over that fence. Still to this day we do not know how she did it. Thankfully, she was with Napper's next door neighbor and he was able to go and put her in the shed until we got home. Our little escape artist is going to have to get used to being on a cable at all times! We have to keep her safe. The nice thing is that every time she has escaped (I think it's three times now) the rescuers have really liked her each time. They definitely thought that she was a handful, which is true, but they also made comments that she was really nice. That's good! I would feel really bad if people were scared of her.

Above is The Mr's dessert. Something with a lot of chocolate and peanut butter! My dessert is below! A slice of wheat free Godiva triple chocolate cheesecake. Both of us took leftover dessert home, the pieces are huge. Napper and Cheerful shared a slice which was the smart thing to do, but since mine was gluten free, The Mr. ordered his own.


  1. Great composition on the Godiva cheesecake plate! I wonder if Godiva pays royalties when they do that.

  2. oh man, that cheesecake looks heavenly. Even the gluten free one!! And that video of petra is hilarious. Something about that music. LOL I love the shot where it says objects in mirror are closer than they appear... does that mean you were almost getting hit by those floppy jowls? haha so funny

  3. Wow, delicious looking cheesecakes! That's great you could have one too! I like the picture of Petra leaning out the window...very cute.

  4. Love the pictures and that video made me laugh!


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