Monday, February 9, 2009

Mt. Baker with the Family

When my family was here to visit, it was in lieu of the trip to Banff that we usually try and take every couple of years for a snowboard and ski trip. It is always a fun time, sort of like a family reunion, shopping trip and ski trip all rolled into one. This year everyone decided to come to our house instead of all meeting in Banff. It was fun getting to show my family some of the local ski hills. There are several within a short driving distance of our house (anywhere from an hour and a half, to four hours) but we chose Mt. Baker and Stevens Pass. Here are the Mt. Baker photos and the Steven's photos should show up on Wednesday.

Dad and Kim (Social Sister) on one of the lifts.

Definitely enough snow!



Kim and I taking a break.

During lunch break Kitten played with some of our gear. It was so cute to see her wear the boots! In this photo, she was actually sitting on the backs of them.

One of her favorite toys is buckles.

The weather was nice, but we were disappointed that it was overcast. The views at Baker are amazing. Even with the fog covering up a lot of the most beautiful parts of the mountains, our guests loved the views. I can't wait to take them there on a clear day some time in the future so they can see what they were missing!

Hosh and The Mr. There was some deep snow and steep terrain in the bowl.

I love snow covered trees.

At the end of the day, Kitten was still happy. Jolly and Mom had stayed in the lodge to play with her all day - what a patient little girl!

Mmm, Pepsi.

"Whoa, fizzy!"

There were some breathtaking views on the way home that were very hard to capture. I think my sister got some amazing ones, so when her internet is back up and she can post, be sure to check out her trip photos!

This is a fence in a little town on the way back down the mountain. This photo probably shows less than a fourth of the length of the fence and the entire thing is made up of old skis.

Here's one for all of you that like puns. An old Airstream trailer made up as a hair salon. The inside of it was so cute! All 50's styled chairs and accessories.

A beautiful sky on the way home. Taken from the back seat of the car as you can see!


  1. Beautiful... looks like a fun time! :-)

  2. That fence is awesome!! Looks like you all had so much fun!

  3. I've never skied or snowboarded but it looks long as you're dressed warmly! The beauty and rush of being up on the mountain is half of it, probably.


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