Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Spring Skiing

The calendar says February, the weather says April! The Mr. and I arrived up at Mt. Baker on Monday to find The Esau's ready to go so we bought our tickets and got in line. I knew as soon as I got to the top of the hill that I was overdressed. The weather was gorgeous. The wind blew warm across our faces and the scent of pine was in the air as the sun warmed the snowy branches. The snow was a bit crunchy in spots where the sun didn't hit, but you knew to stay away from those. Everywhere else, the snow was fast because there was nice soft even terrain. It was almost a different sport than our last two snowboarding visits to the mountain when we had piles and piles of fresh powder snow. This day was all about speed and the warm air whipping past your face. The times before, it was all about keeping your tip up as you glided over the whipped cream and felt the airy fresh snow hit your knees.

I added my foot to the photo so you could tell how big that mountain really is!

See where the sun hits this mountain in the center top? There are three people walking along getting ready to descend. Maybe if you click on it and view the photo full size you will be able to make them out. This is out of bounds, but is a famous place to hike and ski/board down. People walk for hours just for the ride down.

Dave, The Mr. and myself. Thanks for this shot Heather! Aren't we cute?

The Lodge and the parking lot.

The Mr. and Dave.

A good one for your desktop.

This is the same as the one above, but see the little person skiing bottom center? Adds some perspective!

The Mr. and Heather

Beautiful sky, beautiful mountains... beautiful day!

Myself and The Mr.

What looks like a water spot on my lens in the center of this photo is the moon! It was just coming out from behind this peak as we loaded up the truck and started for home.


  1. haha that is really cool u went skiing. i luv 2 ski and snowboard. my mom and i went up to da mountains a few days ago to go skiing for a day. yah it was really really warm when my mom and i went but now its raining up there. thats good cuz b4 all the snow was man-made! pleez check out my blogs.... mmkay

  2. Bello. Un saluto dal mare di Roma. Ciao

  3. WOW, great pictures Chatty and what a gorgeous day eh?

  4. That was a beautiful day! How fun, you finally got some pictures of yourselves snow boarding. Did you get sun burned? Glad bloggers back up!

  5. It sounds like sooo much fun. Maybe I'll take up snowboarding in my old age. See any 70 year olds up there?I'm so glad the Lord has put you back on your feet to enjoy things like this.

  6. Yes it really was a nice day. Sjo- I didn't get burnt, but my face did feel like it got some sun/windburn the next day. It went away quickly. MIL- Go for it! It's rough sport though. ;)

  7. Looks like a lot of fun! The moon shot is cool.

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