Wednesday, August 6, 2008


If you are a blogger this may have happened to you before. You think about a post you need to write and then just keep putting it of until it seems too late to post and you should probably just skip it! Well, I've decided that late is better than never. A couple of people have asked me what ended up being included in my blog giveaway prize boxes and I can't believe I never posted it here. So here we are, many months later and I'm finally getting around to blogging about it- Oops. The answer to the shoe surprise and the winners were announced here and the prizes were handed out. So here's what I gave away:

Three piles for the three winners.

Clockwise from the coffee: Foglifter coffee, Leafiness tin (to be explained), package of scrapbooking stuff, Orbit "Just Brushed Clean Feeling" gum, dark chocolate wrapped with paper, a bag of beach shells, St. Ives Apricot scrub, and in the center- misc. Stash teas.

The Leafiness tin reads "LEAFINESS", "in the leafy shade of a tree" and "the leafy blows in the wind" and is from one of my favorite stores, Daiso Japan. This store often has cute and funny words and sentances written randomly on their items, which makes it fun even if they don't make any sense. Daiso is a Japanese store that carries almost anything you would ever need, for very low prices. When I first visited their Bellingham store, it was the only store in the USA, and now they have 9 locations. Anyways, I am rambling. Notice the top of the page I just linked to says: "[ attention ] An American store has the change in business hours and opening a store and time of closing the store depending on time."

Anyways, some day I will do another Daiso post because I have a file on my computer with a ton of photos I have taken in the store. I find them so enjoyable! Here is a close up of the other side of the tea tin:

In my cousin Amy's box, I also added this little hat I made for her son. I hope she has at least one cool evening and an excuse for him to wear it. It might be a little out of season, since he was born in the middle of summer, but I love making hats... oh well!


  1. what great and clever giveaway packages!!!

  2. What a neat assortment of gifts! Congratulations to everyone who won! :)
    I am SO wanting to go to this Japanese store now!!! Too bad they don't have one in
    Portland. :( I'll have to stop by the store when we're in your area next time! :)

  3. yeah i want to go to that japanese store sometime! i'll have to come down and we can go!

  4. You made that hat? It's so good! I love the colors on it, they really stand out. Great job.

  5. Misty- thanks!
    Jenn- maybe next time you will be the winner and I'll include lotsa fun Daiso stuff. :)
    LeAnne- let's set a date and go to Ross too.
    Little Window Shop- yes, I made it, thanks for the compliment, the colors are chocolate brown and a bright blue that is somewhat aqua. Your blog looks like a lot of fun!

  6. I loooooved my package and we are still making use and playing with the loot!
    The tea tin, sooo cute!

    And that hat, adorable!
    Thanks again Chatty!


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