Friday, August 8, 2008


There are moments in life where you just feel like relaxing, and in this area the first thing I think of is the water. What makes spending time at the water even more fun is if you can call up friends and spent the time together. Some of my favorite moments at the beach are impromptu BBQ's. We load up the BBQ, folding chairs, bocce, croquet, food, blankets, wood etc. into the back of the truck and claim our spot nice and early. We love to grill bratwurst or cheddarwurst, so it is handy to have the BBQ for the grilling and the fire for the roasting of marshmallows once the sun begins to set.

David in mid air between logs.

Esther building a "dust" castle. The sand at this particular spot was more like black dust, so we sure got dirty! Next time we should stick to the grass. :)

Luke and his mommy exploring the seaweed for treasures. Luke just loves the beach and walks up and down throwing rocks into the water, searching for treasures and getting nice and wet. You can see Birch Bay in the background, and behind that, Canadian mountains.

Freakishly long legs.

David helps The Mr. measure during a close game of Bocce. I don't know who won, I should have asked!

Peter and Tracy's dog Layla.

Mmm... dirt.

Esther and I on a walk to see the stream.

These photos are in the same order they were taken, it is just the camera playing tricks.

Little fingers wrinkly from the water and full of sand.

S'mores. I take great enjoyment of finding that sweet spot in the coals. The outside toasts and the inside melts completely.... mmmmm. Anyone drooling yet? Notice this one is gluten free especially for me. It was yummy!

Sometimes the sky is too pretty for words.

So how do you relax?


  1. Nice legs there girly!

    How do I relax... ummm...thinking hard. Well I think it's when I have dropped off my children at their event or whatever and I have 2 hours to kill til I have to pick them up so I grab a coffee drive to a pretty spot and play with my camera Ü Exciting eh?

  2. That sounds nice. I would love to spend some quality time with my family and eating yummy food!

  3. I love the freakishly long legs photos. I relax by drinking coffee. Isn't that ironic? There's nothing more un-relaxing than being tired, so coffee is relaxing.

  4. Your S'mores look fabulous! Say, your name for Name That Chocolate Dessert made it into the top 10! Time to alert your friends and family and your blog readers! Send them over to vote for many times as they like! The more votes the more chances you have of winning the fabulous prizes!

    Hurry voting ends August 16 11:59pm!

    The Chocolistas

  5. Yes, I am drooling! The idea of skipping on the cracker and tripling up on the chocolate, mmmmm!

    Great pics btw!

  6. Those s'mores look yummy!!

    How do I relax...good question.
    I don't think I do enough of it to know for sure! Ha!!


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