Monday, May 19, 2008

Just what was that surprise in my shoe?

If you have no clue what I am talking about, click here. I had so much fun reading the guesses and they were all great, I am glad I didn't have to choose who the winners were! Thank you so much for playing along. Just to keep you all excited, something has changed, there are actually THREE winners instead of two!

Well, the slimy disgusting creepy thing in my shoe was a......


See, here he is in my shoe! I took the photo above after laughing quite a bit and walking outside to let the little guy go. He was about 3 inches round, bright green with little suction cuppy fingers and quite slimy! I was so glad he was able to jump around after all that toe wiggling and foot squishing in the shoe.

The winners are: my sister Kimberley for the first correct guess, Anna McLean for the first correct guess as a non family member, and Amy as my random winner. Congratulations girls, I will contact you soon!

Carol- silly putty
Holly, ioi, Amy, cc, rachel rabbit, chasm's lady, rachel- slug
Glenda- snake
Sjo, a.sister- salamander
LeAnne- rock crab
Kimberley, Anna, sister, nicole- frog
forty- shoe lining ooze
rachel- soggy banana
hanna- squished caterpillar or moth
mannequin- cat vomit


  1. He survived the invasion of his new home by your scary foot? He was probably just as surpised as you! Lucky little guy.

    Yay! I was a random winner! Thanks for that - small joys like that make my day!

  2. Talk about exaggeration... I don't believe that little cutie was 3 inches around...:) but think whatever you like! I'm sure you remember the frogs we have here that actually ARE 3 inches around.. maybe 4... :S You don't have to mail my prize, I'll see you in a week!! YAY!! So excited!

  3. Woo-hooo, woo-hoo, doing a happy little dance!
    Thanks Chatty, I can't wait to see what I get, you dont need to mail it either, just send it home with Kim, that way she'll have to come see me, tee-hee.


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