Wednesday, October 10, 2007


On Monday I was invited to share Thanksgiving with the C family. I really miss my parents, siblings, Grandparents and Aunts and Uncles during holidays, so I was very excited to attend, and pretend I was a C for the evening. Drooler, Drooler's parents, Aunt Lily and Uncle S, three girl cousins, Grandpa, Great Grandpa and Uncle Marlin were there. It was a wonderful time and I was very thankful to be included in their family dinner. Lily and Drooler's Mommy went through so much work, preparing dishes for the meal and making sure things went smoothly. Everything tasted great, and the atmosphere was comfortable. I love spending time at the C's. After dinner, Aunt Knittery and family came over to share dessert with us, as well as Heather S. and Tim. We had a reading, a lot of pie and later a few of us sang around the piano.

Grandpa and the girls.

Lily's apple pie and fall decorations.

Lots of food! It was a beautiful table, full of color!

Fall blooms and grey, black and neon pink dragon fruit- God's incredible colors.

Knittery's daughter with Tahiti


  1. Did anyone try the dragonfruit?

  2. Yes! A lot of us tried it. It is definitely a different fruit. Consistency of a kiwi, seeds like a kiwi, flavor of a really really weak green grape (watery.) The colors really surprised everybody. It is definitely different, but I liked it because of that. I think it might have been a little overripe.

  3. WOW. love all of the colors. Sound like you had a lot of fun too.

    I used to love getting the fruits and nuts in my stocking at Christmas, growing up. They are such a nice decoration for this time of year too.

  4. This is off topic, but I didn't see a "contact me" link on your page, so I just thought I'd do a comment. I was wondering if you'd be willing to "chat" with me a bit about RA? I'm particularly interested in how you got into remission...I understand the grace of God part, but it's the medical side I'm wondering about :) If you wouldn't mind, email me (Anna) at: This is my "throw away" email, so I'll email you back from my "real" one!

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  6. Oops, messed up on my last comment! Anyway, I was just saying that it was a very fun time, and we're glad you were able to come! It will be nice when I can have 3 girls to help (for real) and maybe it won't take an entire day to prepare! :)

  7. AC- Thank you for pointing that out. I have now changed my settings so that if you look at my profile, there is a contact button there.

  8. Fruits and nuts in stockings - that comment gave me a flashback. I enjoyed that flashback!

    Thanks for the introduction to dragonfruit...i have yet to try that one!


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