Thursday, October 11, 2007

Sea Creatures and Swiss Cheese Rocks

When my parents were here visiting me in September, I never did get around to posting about what we did, I only made a post about clothes and one about a piano. There are about 4 other posts that could be made and I really need to share these photos. So here we go, I am playing catch up again! There is an amazing beach in Larrabee State Park along the famous and beautiful Chuckanut Drive that I now think is a must see for anyone in the area or driving through. It is just a small little beach area that we basically found by accident and I think it is called Clayton Beach. When we were there I don't remember looking at any signs to see what the beach was called, but that is my best guess.

This beach is an amazing place to visit, especially in low tide. It was high tide when we were there and there was still a lot to see. It was such an amazing and beautiful place. Not only are there cliffs and large boulders that look like swiss cheese, there are many tide pools where you can see all sorts of different creatures. Here is the list of what we saw: Purple and Orange Pacific Starfish, Red Hermit Crab, Limpet, small white Sea Anemone, clams, jellyfish, mussels, oysters, snails/periwinkles and probably a lot more that I couldn't identify. We saw one thing that was see-through like a jellyfish, but it was different because it wiggled it's body back and forth in order to move. Anyone know what that one is??? Anyways, I will leave you with the many photos. They are viewed best at full size so click away if you like!

Swiss cheese rocks carved with bowls, tunnels and circles. They were so amazing, we had never seen rocks like this before.

My parents on the left and my mom and I on the right.

Click the photo above to see hermit crabs, periwinkles (snail shape shells) and a small white jellyfish, among other things.

Another pretty view, a four legged starfish and all of his four legged friends.

My dad holding a hermit crab. If you blow warm air into the shell, they come out and walk around on your hand.

In the center is the strange little jellyfish-like creature that wiggled it's body back and forth to move. It was oval shaped and had little leg like protrusions all around. If anyone knows what this is called, please leave a comment!

My dad checking out a starfish.


  1. Great pictures! We don't have that kind of scenary or those interesting creatures in S. Sask! SMC

  2. love the pic of you and your mom!
    Beautiful place too.

  3. That looks like a beautiful place!!! Dallas and I drove along Chuckanut Drive once and we loved it but we didn't have time to explore. We'll have to go again sometime! :)

  4. Wasn't that day fun?! Great memories.


  5. I love the beach, and yes, we've been to Chuckanut Drive once or twice. It is indeed beautiful! I agree about the picture of you and your mom...very sweet!


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