Thursday, September 20, 2007

Honky Tonk

My parents, The Mr. and I went to a great old fashioned toy store in Lynden, WA yesterday. We love walking Front Street and visiting the shops. There are a lot of antique shops, coffee and local pie type shops as well as restaurants. The toy shop is always a favorite stop for me because they have a lot of classic toys and neat decor. The best thing in the whole toy shop is the Wurlitzer Nickelodeon. You put in a nickel, and it plays an entire song all by itself. It was so cool to watch and listen to this piano and was one of the highlights of our day. So neat!

ps: let me know if you can view the video or not. I am still figuring this all out!


  1. That is really neat - player pianos have always intruiged me, but I'd hate to be the person working in the store that hears that song 100 times a day!!

  2. I think that either they can change the rolls or that one roll has more than one song and only rewinds once it reaches the end of the roll.

  3. Fantastic! Did you upload the video through the blogger uploader on the new post page? Quality is perfect!

  4. Anna- yes, I uploaded it through the new blogger feature. It took a little bit of time because the movie size was 36M and the upload feature isn't instant. I took the movie with my Kodak Easyshare C663 that I love. The video quality is great with it and since we bought a 1G card, I take a lot of long videos!


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