Monday, September 24, 2007

Mt. Baker Hydro Electric Dam

(First things first, look at my announcements section at the bottom on the page. Ioi had her baby and it's a cute, chubby cheeked little girl! Follow the link to read her blog. Congratulations to ioi and family!!!!)

Well, as you may have noticed this month, I fell off track and today is the day I am trying to re-rail myself. Ok, so maybe re-rail isn't a word, but I say if you can derail, you can re-rail! If I want to do this right, I have to start where I left off, which is technically here. Which would mean that I have not yet posted about the dam, so I better do so! Since Sallad works for the company that owns and runs the dam, he was able to get us a tour of the facility and it was so amazing. It was neat seeing how everything works, the hundreds of buttons and knobs and all the different areas of the dam. We took the staircase, opting to save the hassle of the tiny elevator and our huge group, and it was so crazy. Stairs and stairs and more stairs climbing into the depths of the dam. Once we reached the main area where the energy is made, we got to see so much and it was a really neat experience. Here just a few pictures.

Drooler's Daddy, Drooler (in the background), Sallad and The Mr. near the middle of the dam. Look how high it is. It was so weird to think that there was a whole lotta water on the other side!

Different parts inside the dam.

The base of the dam on the side where the water comes out. So beautiful!

At the top of the dam, looking down through the fence at the base of the dam. The water you can see is the same water as in the photos shown above.


  1. What gorgeous colors! Just wait till some of the trees turn for the fall.

    I just love coming here and seeing all of your pictures! =)

  2. re-rail! I love that! I'm going to throw that one in in conversation today.


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