Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Mount Rainier or Bust!

 What do you do when you're going car camping for the first time with 2 kids?  You pack the car to shoulder height!  It was strange going car camping, since in the past we'd been going boat camping, which calls for very minimalist packing.  Hopefully next time we won't be quite this packed, but I can honestly say that I think we used everything we took, maybe with the exception of warm jackets since the weather was warmer than predicted.

 Mt. Rainier is stunning!

 Pre-4th of July excitement.  Lots of firework stands!

 Beautiful!!!  I'm a prairie girl at heart and I love wide open spaces and the contrast between the green fields and the bright blue sky.....   sigh!

 We were meeting Sallad and Grace at the Ohanapecosh Campground at Mount Rainier.  Since we arrived first, we went and scouted out our reserved camp sites and compared them to the first come first served spots that were still available.  We ended up switching things up and got two adjoining spots in a beautiful and quiet area of the camp ground.  If you plan to visit this campground I highly suggest that route so that you have confirmation of campsite availability, but still have the option of choosing a site when you arrive.

 Our sites, before we set up camp (you can see the two picnic tables.)

 The men setting up our tent.

 That evening we took the easy route and went into town for dinner.  It was so relaxing!  We went to Cliff Droppers on Highway 12 in Packwood.  They have excellent food and staff, were happy to accommodate a gluten-free eater, and overall we were very pleased with our choice!

 Of course when we found out they also serve hard ice cream, we couldn't say no!

 The temp was 101 as we made our way back to the campground, but the elevation changed and it was nice and cool by the time we were back.

 Back at the campsite, Sallad and Grace had just arrived and were setting up camp.  It was so good to see them!  They kids were having a blast together right off the bat.

 That evening after the kids were in bed, the adults were able to sit and relax.  It was lovely!

 Our home sweet home.

The "ceiling" of our camp site was so beautiful.  One night I looked up to see a pitch black sky peeking through between those trees, and it was simply sparkling with stars.  Layers and layers of shining stars. It was so stunning and an amazing reminder of the beauty of the works of our Creator.


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