Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Zuanich Point

 One of our favorite Bellingham parks is at Zuanich Point.  It's often sunny and lovely there, and the air is fresh with the scent of the ocean.  Little Brother was JUST learning to walk during this visit and we took some fun videos of him stumbling around, and finally one where he walked about 10 feet without falling.  Success!

 On our way to the park we stopped at Rocket Donuts to pick up a snack.. MMM!  The perfect treat to bring to the park with us.

 Hundreds of kites!

 Hand made kites.

 This is a storage box for one of the kites (not sure how to refer to it... kite, kites, sets of kites???)  Written on the outside of the box is a record of its flight history.

I think it's pretty amazing that these kites fly like they do, and especially that they are all hand made.  It's so beautiful!


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