Thursday, August 21, 2014

Mt. Rainier Gondola at Crystal Mountain

 Good morning Little Brother!  Our first night at the campground was cold, but we had packed appropriately and we were quite comfortable.  Before the sun had time to warm things up, it was a bit chilly around our camp site, but it was refreshing! One wonderful thing about our Ohanapecosh visit was that there were very little bugs, and we didn't get rained out!

 I love camping breakfasts.  Something about preparing a simple hot breakfast on a camp stove and eating it outdoors is so fun.

 Aunt Grace was super thoughtful and brought along a balance bike for Little Mr. to use, and he really enjoyed it!  He advanced quite a bit during our time there.  There road beside our camp site had a small hill and the kids spent a lot of time riding their bikes up and down it at high speeds!

 We decided to visit Crystal Mountain and take a ride up the Mt. Rainier Gondola!  The kids were pretty excited.  Mostly they just LOVE hanging out with each other.

 The whole crew, minus the photographer. ;)

 All aboard!

 Little Brother liked the gondola ride. (If you're wondering, he still had a mark on his face from his morning nap.)

 The sight at the top of the mountain was breath taking with the wide open sky, winding river below and mountain peaks!  From this ridge you can see several other significant mountains in the distance including Mt. Baker and Oregon's Mt. St. Helens.

 Playing in the snow was lots of fun.

 Little Brother's first experience with snow.

 The perfect place to sit and relax.

 It got so hot up there that Little Mr. and I had to cool down with some ice cream. :)

 The combination of that cliff and young children/toddlers was unnerving.

 This little friend ate some of the kids' trail mix, even the M&M's!

 Little Mr. looking through Uncle Sallad's binoculars.

 On the ride back down we saw some elk.

 Heading back to Ohanapecosh.

Tunnels always make travel more interesting. :)  The boys love them.

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  1. grant and I went to Crystal Mountain todaybeautifulyou got good pictures up there


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