Thursday, July 11, 2013

Boat Camping at Sucia Island (Day 1)

On the last Thursday of June we took off in our boat along with Sallad and Grace and their three littles, for a few days of boat camping!  They "land camped" and we boat camped.  It was a wonderful time and I'll let the photos do most of the explaining. :)


 Fairly smooth water and a little fog in the distance.  Pretty nice weather for the Georgia Strait.

 Sallad and Grace set up a nice campsite on Sucia Island.

 There were lots of blooms around the island.

 The view from the campsite.

 The cousins down by the water, and our boat with the navy canopy.

Fathers and sons.  Heading for dinner in Friday Harbor.

Our view during dinner at Blue Water Bar and Grill.

My amazing gluten-free/dairy free blackened fish tacos!  They were SO good!  I can't wait to go back once I am eating dairy again and try these with the sauce.

The Mr.'s version of fish tacos... lots of dairy and gluten....  they look yummy!

Little Mr. loved mine!

Dessert at Friday Harbor Ice Cream Company.  More flavors than your mind can wrap itself around.  I was spoiled, as they had dairy free options too!

Sharing my mango sorbet.

We saw this guy who once biked 17,000 miles around the USA from '83-'91. When I saw the website on the side of this interesting little boat, I knew I had to look it up.  Click here and here. :)

Heading "home" to Sucia Island.

Tuckered out.

My favorite shots of the day were caught shortly after the boys fell asleep in the boat and I was able to sit and relax a few moments.  Such a beautiful place!


  1. Love all the beautiful shots of the scenery with lots of cute kiddos thrown in there! Fun times! Now I want to go camping. :)

  2. You got some great photos! That was such a fun time!

  3. Thanks for the "virtual tour" of a most beautiful area!! The darling kids make it special!

  4. Some day.... that looks like so much fun!

  5. Great photos! Looks like a lot of fun. I have had the (w/gluten & dairy version)fish-blackened tacos at that Blue Water Bar & Grill - they are the best! Your GF version look pretty amazing too. :)


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