Friday, July 5, 2013

Our 4th!

 Blaine's Old Fashioned Fourth is always so much fun.  This year it was as busy as ever.  I had to park quite far away and was glad to have the double stroller!

 I was trying to get him to pose in front of the car... he was a little confused as to what I wanted!

 Cool old firetruck in the parade.

 Little Brother NOT napping... but that was okay because he was entertained the whole time by the people standing behind us. :)

 Candy is one of the best parts of parade watching.  We never catch it ourselves, but the people around us that do catch it always share with Little Mr.  which is so nice!

 In order to get to my car faster after the parade I walked on the sidewalk behind the cars instead of on the street like almost everybody else... it was a great idea!  Also caught this photo of a car that I knew The Mr. would have loved to take a look at. :)

 The car show took up the entire stretch of H street from the overpass to Peace Portal Way, as well as a couple of small parking lots and side streets... very cool turnout.

 After naps at home, we went over to a playgroup friend's house for a BBQ.

A set of action shots: 1) Little Mr. threw the ball at M and M got splashed....
 2) M threw the ball back, hit Little Mr. in the forehead and it bounced off in true soccer fashion...  (The ball had just hit his forehead in this photo lol.)

 A lot of yummy food was served!

 Little M has the most beautiful eyes.

 The kids lined up to watch fireworks.

 Lots of parachutes!

Saying goodbye to K.  I was a party pooper and took my boys home in time to get them asleep before the real fireworks got crazy.  It worked because they both slept right through them!  I was very thankful because it was CRAZY as usual.  Around 10:30/11pm I don't think there was a second where you couldn't hear a boom or crackle!  People were having a lot of fun!


  1. Yes indeed, I can see the Mr. driving a Shelby Cobra. :-)

  2. Aww Little Brother is so cute, both boys are! :) but especially liking the one of T in the stroller at the parade.

  3. Good for you going to all that by yourself with two boys! I'm doing a lot of that right now in Pullman - during the day I'm out and about with the kids finding fun things to do. FUN but tiring. :) And so hot. :)


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