Monday, June 17, 2013

Lynn Canyon and a Western BBQ

On our way up to Lynn Canyon Park in North Vancouver on Saturday June 8th, we got to cross over the new Port Mann Bridge.  Look how it towers over its predecessor to the right! It is an impressive sight.

 When we arrived at the park, we met up with a fairly large group of friends from the Richmond assembly,  I think there were 23 people there for the hike.  It was in honor of the newlyweds Marlin and Julie, who were visiting!  Everyone had a nice time hiking in the beautiful park.  Little Brother was due to eat so we stayed back and were still able to enjoy the area by ourselves once he was fed.  I love hanging out with this little guy!

 The suspension bridge at Lynn Canyon.  Lynn Canyon Park has 617 acres of rainforest including pools, waterfalls, creeks, canyons and 100 year old trees.  The bridge is very steep on either end and most of the photos are pretty deceiving in that regard so I was glad that this one seemed to show it a little better. I actually didn't even attempt it with Little Brother in the Moby.  If The Mr. was there I totally would of, but by myself I was unsure.

 If you are going to hike in this park, be prepared for stairs!

 See what I mean about decieving photos?  This doesn't look steep at all, but look how fast the gaps between the wood pieces close up as you look down the bridge.
 Little Brother took a nap in the Moby and I got a passerby to take a photo of us in front of the bridge as a "been there done that" sort of photo.  Not the most flattering, but it certainly does the job.

 Everything there was SO green!

 Hanging out with Aunt Heather, who had to turn back early with their two dogs, since dogs were prohibited on certain parts of the trails.  I forgot Little Brother's sweatshirt, which was fine until we took him out of the Moby.  Mobys keep babies nice and toasty.  Anyways, all I had was this thin blanket and I'm not sure if I have mentioned this before, but this particular blanket has some history.  It is a blanket that my Mom used for her babies, and my sisters and I used for our dolls after that, and now I am using it for my boys!

 It's not every day that I carry both my boys.  Little Mr. is getting so big!  I guess he was tired after the hike with Daddy and I'd like to think he missed me a little. :)

 We visisted the Ecology Center, which I thought was pretty cool.  The displays were really well done.  There were lots of things for kids to look at as well as coloring and toys.

 I take a lot of photos of Little Mr. napping in the car because at home he sleeps in his room and we don't get to watch him sleep so it's a special thing to me, to be able to do so. I love the leg hanging over the side of the seat. :)

 That evening we all went over to Dave and Heather's house for a western themed BBQ/casual wedding reception for Marlin and Julie.

 The Sheriff and his Deputy.

 The witnesses to the arrest.

 The Sheriff reading the charges to the accused and announcing the sentence.

What was the charge?  Leaving bachelorhood.  What was the sentence?  A loooooooooooong life of happy marriage. :)


  1. When we were in Vancouver in April it was also lush and beautiful, but no wonder, it rains nearly all the time (it seems) - not sure I could handle that! :)

    Cute reception theme, thanks for sharing! (Love the charge and sentence!)


  2. Little Mr is getting tall! Look how long his leg is hanging over the seat. :)

    1. It's crazy! I feel like he has really stretched in the last month. All of a sudden four pairs of his pants are too small.

  3. Great that you do so many fun things and record them!!! The boys will be interested if we aren't "called away" first.

  4. 1- The Spouse would love that bridge; 2- What a fun idea for a wedding reception!

  5. That's great to see pictures of that, thanks for sharing! And I love the leg too, that's precious :)


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