Wednesday, June 26, 2013

James Island and Little Brother's 1st Boat Ride

 June 15th, leaving Blaine Marina.

 Little Brother's first boat ride!

 I think it is safe to say that so far he likes boating.  He was asleep within minutes.

 I always have a hand on him when he is riding back here, that's why his hand isn't in the photo. :)

 I'm hanging on to that foot. :)

 Little Brother's first visit to James Island, and he planned his crab outfit specifically for the event.  Just kidding.

 Mt. Baker in the distance.

 Little Mr. making the traverse from one bay to the other.

 Lunch on the beach!

 Agate collecting.

 This was the first day Tobin seriously got laughing.  It was hilarious.  He had laughed before, but never like this.

 A tree near the dock that is sort of "J" shaped... maybe for James island?

 It's too hot for napping Momma!  I unsnapped the jammies as much as I could (you can see his tummy and his toes are hanging out) but he didn't fall asleep until the boat was moving again. :)

 Our trip home was really smooth!

 This is pretty smooth for the Georgia Strait.

 I guess they ran out of room for nests on the Blaine marina breakwater so this momma cormorant built hers on top of the sign!!!

There were lots of baby cormorants peeking their faces out of the nests but they are harder to spot because they are black.  The seagulls were still incubating their eggs... but it's pretty cute when those babies are born because they are like little snowballs.


  1. Ohhh, those first belly laughs! The moments we live for, huh? Looks like so much fun. A day out on the salt water sounds heavenly to me right now. There is nothing I enjoy more than boating around the Puget Sound, smelling the salt and seeing the mountains in the summer (other than the Baby moments, of course).

  2. James Island is so special in my memories!! Nothing like belly laughs from a darling little boy baby!!
    Looks like a happy day all around!!

  3. Such cute little faces! Beautiful pictures, as always.


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