Wednesday, June 12, 2013

2 Ingredient Banana "Pancakes"

2 ripe bananas
2-4 eggs
(I can't remember how many eggs I used, in the photos it looks like two, but I've found both recipes on the internet.)

1) Blend ingredients together
2) Grease pan
3) Make pancakes! 
4) Top with maple syrup and enjoy.

Interesting consistency when cooking.

You definitely need butter or oil when frying these or they turn out really weird.  Well... weirder than they already are lol.

Kid rating: 10/10

Mommy rating: 7/10... I liked them a lot, but wouldn't necessarily call them pancakes.  I will definitely be making them again and again because they are so easy and are gluten and dairy free. :)


  1. Sounds worth a try!! Specially with my daughter, Joyce's, eggs from truly free ranging chickens.

  2. These are tasty! I'm glad I found this!


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