Monday, June 10, 2013

Lynden, WA Farmers Day Parade

On June 1st, The Mr. and I took the boys to the Lynden Farmers Day Parade and we all really enjoyed it.  It was neat to see so much community spirit and spectators lined the street 4-5 rows deep from 3rd to 10th Street.  That's a lot of people!  Little Mr. stood in his stroller and watched, often making horse sounds if horses were coming or dancing to the music of marching bands. :)

 There were a ton of tractors in the parade.  New tractors, old tractors, different brands of tractors, vintage tractor clubs and even kids driving little tractors.  Definitely a great parade for a little boy!

 Salt water taffy and other yummy candies were being thrown to the kids and thoroughly enjoyed by all who caught them.

There were also a lot of animals in the parade, including these beautiful draft horses.

 Antique cars are always fun to see, this one is a Ford Galaxie just a year older than the one my Dad is restoring basically from scratch.  I'm looking forward to going for a drive in my Dad's one day.

 There were tons of kids in the parade, including 4H clubs, Jr. cheerleading, school bands, dance groups etc.  Lots and lots of kids and even babies being pulled in wagons.

We stood along Front St. right across the street from my favorite house in Lynden.  It's purple and has copper trim on the roof, so pretty!

 Little Brother spent most of the parade napping.

 After the parade we enjoyed some hotdogs from a hotdog stand (minus the bun for myself and Little Mr. of course.) They also had booths selling snacks and various items and as we were enjoying the sun, a dance group performed.  It was a lovely morning!


  1. That is a gorgeous house! It reminds me of a house in one of the books illustrated by Eloise Wilkens.

  2. I'd really like this parade!!! Thanks for the pix!


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