Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Friday Harbor

 There were quite a few wildflowers blooming on Stuart island.  This photo and the next three really belonged in Monday's post, but I didn't realize my photos were in the wrong order till it was too late. :)  Before we took off for the day, we took a walk on Stuart island and really enjoyed the morning.

 Little Mr. is getting a little big to carry in the front pack.  I think we need to buy a back pack for him.

 Pretty yellow blooms on a succulent plant.

 Pulling up to Friday Harbor.  It was bluer than this looks, see the mountains behind the trees just to the left of center in this photo?

 River Otter

 A great little shop called Robin's Nest.

 This is a 150 year old Camperdown Elm.  If you are ever walking around Friday Harbor, definitely go and take a peek at this tree.  It is amazing!  I unfortunately deleted the photo of the whole tree and I am so angry about it!  Oh well, it doesn't look like the tree is going anywhere soon. We've been to Friday Harbor many times and had never walked up as far as Robin's Nest.  The tree is in front of the shop and you walk underneath it like an arch. Walk up the right hand side of the street (the main drag heads up hill in Friday Harbor and is called Spring St.) and you will see it on your right.  The address is 310 Spring Street.

 We never knew about their farmers market so we snapped this photo to remind ourselves about it in the future.  We love going to farmers markets!  This is the Brickworks building, it's quite old and neat looking.  It's Friday Harbor's last downtown historical industrial building.

 We spent a some time in the bookstore on Spring street and I bought some Wikki Stix.   I made Little Mr. some sunglasses to wear, but as you can see he destroyed them! :) 

 We ate dinner at our favorite little spot- Haley's Bait Shop.

 The Mr. ordered a burger with blue cheese, I think it might have been called black and blue, but I can't remember.

 I ordered the thai chicken lettuce wraps which were amazing as always. I made my order gluten-free by requesting un-marinated chicken breast and no peanut sauce.  This dish is so yummy with it's crisp lettuce, sweet hot chili sauce, water chestnuts, green onions, matchstick carrots, cucumbers, jasmine rice and chicken!  It would be very easy to re-produce at home with your own ingredients.

 On our way back down to the boat the color of this beauty caught my eye.

 We stopped at a little building on the water and checked out the aquarium tank.

Huge starfish and what I think it is a sea cucumber.  See it right under the top leg of that tan starfish?  Little Mr. loved the fish too (not pictured).

 Leaving Friday Harbor.

 Heading home!  The water was so calm.  It was a quick trip and seemed like it only took half the time it usually takes.

On the way home the water was calm enough that Little Mr. actually took a nap in the PeaPod.  :)  It made for a very relaxed trip home!


  1. This looks like such a fun day...and what a cutie!

  2. so lovely your sailing trips. backpack carriers are a great thing to have because you will use them for the next 3+ years.

  3. Camperdown elm is one of my favorite trees... -kdk


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