Thursday, June 28, 2012

A Weekend Visit to Seattle

We spent last weekend in the Seattle area and had a fabulous time.  We arrived at the P's house on Friday night in just enough time to let Little Mr. play with his cousins before he headed off to bed.  He is taking 4-5 steps at a time now and it is fun to have him walk to you and then turn him around and have him walk to the other person.  He definitely wants to walk, and would spend all day walking if you would let him!   He just needs a finger to hold or someone to re-direct his walker every time he hits a dead end. :)

On Saturday, we headed out to the  Family Fun Center.  We played a few games and I may or may not have come in 2nd place behind The Mr. playing a racing game against Mr. P and his daughter K.  Just had to record that for posterity's sake. ;)

Little Mr. loved sitting on this motorcycle and would even make it tilt side to side.  He's got some rhythm!  He's a natural on a bike.... well, maybe not!

He was turning the wheel and shifting... and it reminded me of these two videos.

I found out that weekend that Little Mr. loves, loves, loves balloons.

They have a ride called "Screamin' Swing" and yes, they did scream!  This picture is an "after" picture.  (NOTE:  if you are reading this post via a reader and don't see a video above this photo, you can click over to my blog to watch it if you like.)

It started raining really hard and when that happens in the Northwest, you go for coffee!  This is a great little shop in Des Moines, called Marine View Espresso.

They make beautiful patterns in the foam on their lattés and serve them in nice big mugs.

Lots of comfy, private seating.

Pretty lighting!

That afternoon, a few of us headed over to Tacoma, WA to attend Peter and Heejung's wedding reception and then that evening we attended a joint graduation party for our niece and her friend.  It was a crazy busy day, but TONS of fun!

On Lord's day afternoon we went out with the P family to Cheesecake Factory in downtown Seattle for lunch. Since it is within walking distance to some of our favorite shops, we couldn't resist stopping in to browse.  This is Banana Republic, and Little Mr. approves of their fashion sense. If only he was still wearing his tie so he didn't feel so under-dressed. :)

Well, now that I am looking at this photo, I realize there is something I need to share!  You might have noticed it in the earlier photos in this post, but since this is a close-up, it's hard to miss.  Little Mr. had a not so little run-in with the bottom of a piano leg the other day!  He was walking along pushing his walker when both of them toppled over and it resulted in a split forehead.  Thankfully the bleeding stopped quickly and it didn't turn out to be a traumatic event.  His pediatrician put three steri-strips across the cut and glued them on so they would stay on for longer and I was glad to save him from the trauma that stitches would have caused.  

Anyways... back to the post...

Being rebellious in Banana Republic.  Yee haw!

Looking dapper you two!

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  1. I'm pretty bummed about missing Peter and Heejung's reception. But, not much choice in that one, haha!

    We have a video of Keira on that same swing, I'm pretty sure anyway.

    We will definitely have to check out that Espresso shop!


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