Monday, June 25, 2012

Boat Camping at Stuart Island

On the 14th, we headed out mid afternoon for a boat camping trip. The water was so beautiful and the weather was fine! We were really excited! Boat camping is definitely high on our list of favorite ways to spend our time, and we love that we can take Little Mr. along and teach him to enjoy and value God's creation just as our parents taught us to do so.

 In this photo Little Mr. was enjoying some food, so you'll have to excuse the messy face.  It looks like it's time to pack the bouncy seat away.  I can't believe how tall my little boy is!  I barely recognize him when I look at this photo I took of him when we first bought the bouncy seat.

While we were on our way out of the harbor, I heard some planes and looked up to see these three neat old airplanes.

We had a nice boat ride to Roche Harbor and enjoyed the sun while we ate dinner on the deck at Madrona.

The view from our table.

The view (through the plastic, sorry) from my seat on the boat ride home.  Couldn't ask for better June weather!

The view from our sleeping spot.  So nice!  We decided to spend the night tied up at the Reid harbor dock instead of anchored or moored to a buoy.  There was not one other boat at the state park dock the entire time we were there.

Our sweet little spot for the night.  It was so beautiful out.  I loved seeing the mist gathering at the end of the harbor.

In the morning, we woke up to an even more beautiful day with a clear blue sky.

A raccoon had made a visit to our boat sometime in the night and we were glad the boat canvas was zipped shut so he wasn't able to leave his muddy little footprints anywhere other than the bow.

A beautiful blue sky!

These wild succulents cling to the rocky cliffs on Stuart Island and it was neat to see them blooming on this visit.  The cliffs were dotted with yellow and pink, and other plants were blooming as well so it was very pretty.

Little Mr. sleeps in his PeaPod and we bundle him up nice and warm.  This hand-me-down Columbia sleeper/fleece snow suit was just perfect for this trip and I hope it fits him all summer.   Here he is enjoying a snack in his snack keeper and playing with some toys while I got ready in the morning.  It wasn't too chilly in the morning, but it wasn't warm either.  It did warm up nicely by breakfast time though.

Mmm, breakfast!  Fruit, scrambled eggs with sausage and cheese, and orange juice.

Our view from the breakfast table.

Plants and Anemone living on the side of the dock.  The fuzzy pink tentacles disappear into the white tubes when you poke at them and it's quite fun!  You can see a couple of the anemones were already disturbed since there are a few white tubes showing.

Morning Bible reading.

We saw this raccoon walking along the shore of the harbor and wondered if it was the same raccoon that visited our bow during the night.  We noticed its bottom half was dripping with water, so it must not be afraid of the water.  I know racoons wash their food, but do they swim?

Relaxing while Little Mr. napped on the boat.

Getting ready to take off for the day!


  1. What a lovely little trip!!!!!

    I think your bib is in the sink at Kirkland mtg. room.

    1. Thanks Aunt Bel.

      I think I have all of my bibs, I know I at least have the one that Oliver is wearing in this photo. :) I just washed it and put it back in the diaper bag today.

  2. Oh, it looks like a wonderful time! I love seeing kiddos on boats in their jammies. :) It brings up so many good memories. Sorry we couldn't join you guys. If we still have our boat later this summer, we should try again!


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