Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Little Mr.'s First Airplane Ride

On the 11th, the three of us flew to Hawaii!!! It was an amazing vacation and such an awesome way to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary. The trip was just incredible and I will let the photos do most of the talking. I'm going to try and blog a bunch of the photos over the next several days. I took over 700 of them, but I definitely won't post that many lol!

Goodbye Bellingham! (Yes, Gumby got to go on our trip too and looks very excited about it.)

 Little Mr.'s reaction to flying!

Goodbye Sucia Island!

Goodbye San Juans!

(I couldn't pull him away from the window for our self portrait.)

Goodbye snowy mountains.

Hello lunch time!
Little Mr. rode on the plane as a free lap child, but he ended up getting his own seat, which was so nice.  The extra space was great and when he was ready to eat we buckled him in like it was a highchair.

Note to self: do not overfeed babies on airplanes unless you want to see the food a second time. LOL

Goodbye land!  (See the coast?)

Hello nap time. :)

After his nap.  Hello snack time!

.... and silly time!

Then it was time for a tour of the airplane from his favorite flight attendant!  She took him up and down the aisles several times, showing him different areas of the airplane and all sorts of buttons and such.  Very cool!

A beautiful ocean view dotted with clouds and cloud shadows.

Hello Hawaii!

Hello luggage, glad to see you made it safe and sound.  :)

Stay tuned, much more to come.


  1. Oh fabulous! Looks like he's a champion traveler! So glad the flight went so well. Looking forward to some Hawaii pics!

  2. So exciting! I love Hawaii. Can't wait to see more pictures. Little Mr.'s response to take-off was so cute!

  3. It's so much fun to experience things again through your children. Brianna and I watched the videos and Brianna said she liked the one with "Uncle Thad laughing". :) She also enjoyed seeing the video of takeoff because she can't remember flying so it was fun for her to watch the ground fade away. Oliver looked like the perfect "airplane baby"! What a cutie!!!! Looking forward to seeing you this weekend!

    1. Actually there were parts of it that were quite rough! He had a really hard time falling asleep and I had to stand and rock him in the bathroom for a while while he cried. :( Thankfully he did fall asleep though. It was fun to hold him while he slept because I never do that anymore. :)

  4. What a good traveler :) Hope your trip is/was fun!

  5. What a special time for you all.... the stewardess was unusually nice because he is so good and cute!!!

  6. oh oh... forgot about the electronic devices being turned off between door closure and 10K feet... Eh?

    Cut video though.


    1. Spoken as a true frequest flyer. :) Oops! Isn't that just cell phones and such? Didn't even think about it!


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