Friday, May 25, 2012


The first morning of our trip we decided to go for a walk and find somewhere yummy to eat breakfast.  We weren't disappointed!  We ended up walking to the Royal Hawaiian Garden area.  It's so pretty!  Our hotel was just a couple of blocks from Waikiki beach and it was a very convenient location.

We ate at Il Lupino and we both ended up ordering eggs benedict and when they delivered our food we were blown away!

This is my gluten-free version.  Served on potatoes instead of English muffins.  This was the best eggs benny I have EVER had.... EVER.  It was incredible.  The bacon was the thickest I have ever seen and the flavors in this dish were indescribable.

Our breakfast table gave it away that we were tourists, with phones, camera and pamphlets. :)

We ate out on their patio, it was beautiful out!  The view of the gardens was so pretty during our meal.

Little Mr. looking all grown up and skipping his nap, hence the binky. :)  You'll notice that over the course of our trip he gets addicted to the thing!  We only stayed at the hotel twice for a nap during our stay in Waikiki, so he learned to catch zzz's wherever he could instead.  It was definitely different than his regular routine.  We were very glad to have the binky as a tool on the trip, it was so helpful!

On our walk back to the hotel after breakfast we stopped in at Waikiki Ross, it's huge!  I would say it is way over three times as big as our local one here in Bellingham. 
(I just looked it up, and the location is 40,000 square feet... that's large!)

We also stopped to shop at a little market place right beside our hotel and I bought some necklaces.

A kind lady at a booth snapped our photo for us.

This is where we parked our rental car, it's a lift parkade.  You drove in at ground level, handed the guy your keys and walked away. They did the rest!  It was very convenient, located right beside our hotel and way cheaper than hotel parking.   They drove the car onto a lift/elevator and then your car was carried up, up and away!  It was so strange to see rows and rows of cars all parked on top of each other.  Little Mr. loved watching how everything worked.

Our hotel, Aqua Waikiki Wave

The view from our patio.

Zoomed in.

The view looking the other direction.

The sliding glass door ended up being Little Mr.'s favorite.  When we were in the room it's often where he would be!  He would stand against the glass and watch the world.

Heading to the beach!

This was Little Mr.'s first time at the beach and he wasn't sure what to think of the sand. :)

He LOVED the beach as long as too much sand wasn't involved. :)

I could put him on the towel and he would stay there in order to not touch sand!

Getting a little more used to it.

Huge hibiscus flowers were blooming everywhere when we were there!  They are so beautiful.

Historic Moana Surfrider hotel, which introduced "Hawaiian Hospitality" when it opened in 1901.  It is interesting to read the history behind this hotel.  It is called the "First Lady" of Waikiki.

Cheesecake Factory for dinner!  MMM!

Complimentary bananas for Little Mr.  Bananas are his favorite!  He cleaned the plate in record speed, I wish we had it on video.

Stroller parking at Cheesecake Factory, there were 15 of them.

Waikiki is home to a huge amount of fancy-schmancy shopping like Louis Vuitton, Tiffany & Co., Coach, Gucci, Yves saint Laurent, Chanel etc.  Of course we had to visit the Ferrari store!  Anyone want a canvas belt for over $200?

This stroller was almost $1,000.

Being a stinker!

It gets dark early in Hawaii.  Around 7pm if I remember correctly.

Louis Vuitton window display with arrows.

I'm ending the post with a similar shot to the one I started with, just a different time of day. :)

Next up?  We hop in the car and drive to the North Shore.  Stay tuned!


  1. What a neat trip for your 10th! I've never been to Hawaii, but when I was working, I did a little bit of landscape design for the Royal Hawaiian shopping center. Those eggs benedict look delicious!

  2. Love the little stinker picture. It's like he's saying "No, you, you are awesome!"

  3. I've never been to Hawaii, so it's fun to look at your pics--my husband refuses to go, so I might have to go without him sometime, unless I can figure out a way to get him to explore the mountains of Hawaii instead of the beaches. :-) I keep trying. :-)

    Looks like a fun trip! I visited all those fancy stores in Vegas last summer--it was fun to look at all the high-falutin' stuff for just a few hours. :-)

    The Little Mr. is getting SO big!

  4. Ricka's been pointing quite a bit lately too! She does it when she's playing an "I'm gonna get you" game with one of her siblings. It's almost as if she's saying, "I SEE you. You KNOW I see you, too!"

  5. it all. North Shore Oahu is my FAVE Hawaiian location--looking forward to those pictorials! Breakfast looked amazing and I'm starving at this moment. Looking forward to seeing you in either a few minutes or tomorrow morning : )


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