Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Whistler BC

This was our view last Thursday, as we made out way North towards Whistler, BC. The Sea to Sky Highway is a beautiful drive! This water is actually salt water as it is part of Howe Sound. When you are up in this area it feels so far away from the ocean that it is almost hard to believe you aren't just looking at some sort of massive lake. It is rare, but technically you could even see Orcas in this area, and there have been Orca sightings as far South in the sound as Squamish. Wouldn't that be surprise!

It really is such a beautiful drive through the mountains, and the highway is twinned all the way to Whistler now and feels much safer than it did several years ago.

We stayed with friends at a rental condo just off the Whistler Village Stroll. It was fun to see Little Mr. and Little V hang out together and they turned out to be such good friends very quickly. We got to know some new friends as well as get reacquainted with others. We stayed in different places, but at one point there were 11 adults and 5 kids along for the trip. Most of the adults went skiing or snowboarding at Whistler Blackcomb during the days.

In the morning I had to catch this shot of them both in their pajamas. I love jammies!

I can't resist baby bums. :)

That day Carine and I bundled up the boys and went out for a day on the Village Stroll.

We started out with breakfast at Crepe Montagne, a French creperie, but neither of us got crepes!

We had to wait outside while seating became available, and I got a glimpse of what I am in for once Little Mr. starts walking! Little V is a great explorer and has just the perfect amount of energy for a little boy.

Look how cute they are!

Carine's omelet and my gluten-free version of Eggs Benedict.

This huge play structure at the Olympic Plaza is really neat. It looks like something Little Mr. will enjoy someday.

We had to do the tourist thing and get a stranger to take our photo in front of the Olympic rings. On the other side are the podiums for gold, silver and bronze winners.

We did quite a bit of window shopping, but didn't buy much. I did buy some maple fudge from the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, which is a must! I also kept up my tradition of collecting Schleich figurines for Little Mr. on trips/special days. This time I bought him a Husky dog, since we already had a bear from a different trip. It's a fun way to remember special outings.

Little V sleeping soundly in the Chariot.

It was snowing quite heavily during the day but it's hard to capture on camera.

See the flakes in the air?

All cozy after waking up from his nap!

Walking back towards the condo. We were in Whistler for three nights, so it was so much fun having such close access to the Whistler Village.

Little V had the cutest sweater ever, I just couldn't resist him with that smile either! He is so adorable.

Little Mr. trying on some play sunglasses for size.

Peek! Hey there!


On our last night we ate out at a restaurant called 21 Steps. While we dined, Little Mr. was entertained by having rice puffs stuck on his face.

My dish was so yummy- prawns and scallops in an amazing sauce with white rice and steamed vegetables. This was the gluten-free version of the dish. The restaurant was very accommodating towards gluten-free diners and they offered to make a gluten-free version of (almost) everything on the menu so if you are dining in Whistler and have Celiac disease, I'd recommend 21 Steps.

Little V enjoyed the pasta! I love this!

After hitting a few shops, our last stop of the evening was Crepe Montagne for dessert. It was fun getting to spend time together with this couple and their adorable son who you can barely see sleeping on the bench between his parents. I was told the crepes were fantastic too.

Little V slept on the bench between his parents too.

The Mr.'s crepe.

If your ever looking for a fun getaway, head to Whistler! We had such a great time and it was very relaxing. I loved watching the skiers come down the mountain, the flakes fall from the sky and the shoppers bustling around the village. It was neat seeing the changes the village went through for the Olympics. Most of it is the same, but there are several new buildings and the Olympic Plaza area is neat. We took it pretty easy on this trip, but there are also so many things to do in Whistler, and once Little Mr. is old enough to enjoy it I want to take him on the Peak to Peak gondola. There is also a great list of free things to do in Whistler as a family.


  1. What a fun time. Hi Carine! And hi Mom from "this couple". Last time I saw you we were sharing a cabin at Pittsburgh YP camp.
    Crepes are one of my favorite foods ever--my mouth is just watering away now.

  2. What a fun get away!!! The boys are darling together!! Oh.h.h do those crepes
    look tantalizing!!!

  3. The boys are so cute!!! Looks like such a fun time!

  4. That looks like such fun time! It is really special when you can find good friends to travel with! Once you have kids it all changes! I'm new to your blog and this was a super fun post to read. Although I'm not sure which one was you because I'm new!

    1. I'm the one with the curly hair. Welcome to my blog!


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