Monday, March 5, 2012

Coffee with Little Mr.

I have a weak spot for coffee shops. Specifically this one. I love taking time on the weekend to sit down in a soft chair with a hot drink and just... melt. Maybe using the word melt is a little strange, but that really is how it feels to me. Muscles relax, brains refresh and life slows down for an hour or two.

A mug for each of us.

Just now I was thinking about the word "refresh" and went to the thesaurus to explore some of it's synonyms. I loved what I found....

....breathe new life into, brush up, cheer, enliven, exhilarate, freshen, inspirit, recreate, regain, reinvigorate, rejuvenate, repair, replenish, restore, revitalize.

What refreshes you?

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  1. What refreshes me? Definitely looking at pictures of my adorable grandson! Thanks! :-)


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