Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Just some random snippets of life here at the house!

This was in February, but it has happened again since. We even got a tiny bit of snow yesterday. It's been a very "snowy" February and March for our little corner of Washington, but it rarely sticks around. The time this photo was taken there were at least a few snow days and late starts for the local schools as it did stick around for a while.

Sunshine+Snow=Happy Me!

Petra is still full of energy and has lots of love to give. She'd love to be a lap dog lol. She is always so excited to see us and is careful around Little Mr. now that he crawls around and encroaches on "her territory." He'll crawl right up to her and poke her in the eye if she's not careful! The first time she saw him crawl she didn't know what to do with herself. She got excited and wanted to play, but didn't know what was going on really! Now she'll just get up and move if he is pestering her, it's pretty funny when it happens.

Little Mr. crawled right out of his pants one day! When I came back to the room to find him bare-legged, he squawked at me and looked so pleased with himself. :)

A few days ago I gave him this Fisher Price phone to play with, as it had so far just lived on the nursery shelf. He played with it alone for 45 minutes that morning. Now I am wondering what other toys I should put in rotation so I can encourage this sort of amusement in the future!

Car seat shopping has started, he's got a few pounds to go before it's a necessity though!

Our adventures in solids has continued. These are large frozen cubes of homemade purees. Clockwise from top left: roasted root vegetables, oatmeal & pears, peas with chicken & buckwheat, and green beans. Little Mr. is eating quite a variety of things these days and some chunks as well like cooled sliced oatmeal, baby puffs and small pieces of table food. He especially loves beef and chicken.

The container from his baby puffs turned out to be a very entertaining toy.

On Monday we had a fun visit from H, Droo, K8 and A! H and I played Ticket to Ride while the kids played and/or napped. :) Droo and Little Mr. had fun together and it is so cool to see how much fun Little Mr. can have with older kids now that he is more mobile!

"Look mommy!" (He thought it was so funny that he could crawl under the exersaucer!)


  1. Love it! Watch out when he starts walking, he'll keep you busy! :-)

  2. "Look at him play!" says Nora He is so stinkin' cute. Looking forward to seeing him this weekend. And you : )

  3. How very exciting to see little Mr. crawling and still being such a fun little
    man!!! He is beautiful!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I can't wait to come visit!! I can't believe he's crawling already. I don't see that kid enough, I vote you move to the Canadian prairies...

  5. You know, I never did learn how to play Ticket to Ride. Next time!

  6. we are ticket to ride fanatics around here...board game and online! come visit and we will play!

    1. I can't get enough of it, even if I lose! :)


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