Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Adventures in Solids

The day after The Little One turned 6 months old, we tried brown rice cereal for the first time. At first he wasn't sure what to think......

But soon he decided he liked it pretty well.....

.....and then he decided he couldn't get enough of it! Look at those tiny arms and legs reaching out. These first three photos were taken over a month ago, and he has changed so much since then!

So far he has embraced almost every single food we've offered with outstretched hands and an open mouth... all except prunes! I caught this video of his reaction.

A messy mouth is now part of his daily routine.

He eats:
brown rice cereal
gluten-free oatmeal
white rice
apple sauce
sweet potato
winter squash

His all-time favorite is.... avocado!

MMMM, chicken leg! Okay, okay... it's a maraca. We're not quite to the point where he can chow down on a drumstick. :)


  1. Yay for avacados! My kids love them, although I haven't tried them on Ricka yet. I see two teeth in the avacado pic... how many does he have now?

  2. He has 6- three on the top and three on the bottom. The fourth on the bottom seems to be coming next. They've been appearing in a strange order, but all very quickly!

  3. I love his shudder!!!

  4. What a priceless reaction to the prunes!

  5. He's such a cutie! Thanks for posting a video. :) I don't blame him for not liking prunes.

  6. Avocados are the BEST baby food ever. Followed closely by bananas of course. And he is beating Pete in the teeth department by a mile!


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