Monday, December 12, 2011

Sparkle and Shine

Hi there! If you are visiting from The Inspired Room's Home Tour, or Nesting Place's Tour of Homes, WELCOME! :) Here's just a little tour of some things that have been sparkling and shining around our home.

Mercury glass

Tin stars with chunky glitter.

Glittery snow ("ice chips" vase filler) and sparkly stacked pinecone candles that were a gift from my grandparents add some sparkle to the hutch.

A closer look at the sheep with their little silver jingle bells.

A centerpiece from things gathered from here and there. A candle, a ratty berry wreath, ornaments, pinecones and two thrift store ceramic birds that are probably from the 70's. :)

These glittery snowflakes hang here year after year, but this year some glass droplets from Greenhouse are joining them.

Ornaments added to a bowl of seashells add some sparkle for the holidays.

The sun was beating in and making everything look extra sparkly.

In the evening the mood changes and it's fun to light the candles on the hutch.

There is a special story about the string of crochet doilies in this photo. My Grandma C made the doilies for me a long time ago to use for a collection of tiny porcelain cats I used to have. I just strung the doilies on some thread and taped them up. I think they look a little like snowflakes and I love the memories they bring to mind!

The mantle inspires me to grab a hot drink, a good book and have a cozy evening.

Thanks for visiting our sparkly home! Come back soon!


  1. Very nice! I especially love the vintage birds. And those water droplet ornaments are neat! And the tin star with "faith" on it. Very, very nice. You should see the sparkle on my mantle... It has left a glitter trail all over my house!

  2. SO pretty! I always get inspired by your decorating! Does most of it last in storage year after year or do you get some decorations new each year?

  3. Kim- next time you come here I've got to take you to Greenhouse, you would love it! I got the droplet and star ornaments there.

    Lisa- thank you so much! Most of these things are from storage. I do try and use things in a different way or in a different place each year to keep it fresh. The candles on the hutch were gifts to me last season that I saved them to use this year. And I did buy a few new ornaments, I couldn't resist!

  4. Lovely decorations, love the clear ornament in your glittery bowl which looks stunning in the sunlight!

  5. Your home looks so pretty and festive. I just love your blog name btw. Merry Christmas.

  6. so so pretty! i love that sparkly star and those wool animals!


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