Monday, February 6, 2012

A Visit From Friends!

Little Mr. had four friends over to play and enjoyed it thoroughly. Phone Guy and Princess were here for a quick visit and we all had a lot of fun. Look how big her little ones are growing! Check out this photo of Phi that was originally posted here! They grow up so fast.

Yes, this is an ENTIRE freezer case of gluten-free foods! Lasagna, Garlic Jim's pizzas, burritos, waffles, breads..... mmm! This photo as well as the next will most likely be boring to you if you don't eat gluten-free, but we all went to the Bellingham Public Market when they were here. Terra Organica sells a lot of neat natural foods and wares, and then there is Bargainica, which is a branch of their store that sells things at a cheaper price (a promised 10-6o% off) than you would usually see at other retailers. I did see some good deals, but I usually buy my specialty foods at the Community Co-op, they have great prices and are way closer to me.

The gluten-free aisle definitely has more options than the Co-op or Fred Meyer's. You can also find gluten-free products all over the store. It's a great place!

Local cream top yogurt.

This was under $7 at Terra Organica, and check out the price on Etsy, almost $18!

In the public market there is a food court and we got a treat at Trapeze, which is now selling gluten-free food from The Baker's Cousin, who I originally was introduced to at the Bellingham Farmers market.

I got some sort of chocolate cloud cake, it was so yummy!

In the food court there is a children's play area with baskets full of wooden toys.

I loved the chalkboard walls. They are sealed so the design is permanent.

Later that day we went down to Fairhaven for a late lunch at Avenue Bread.


"Can I have this?!"

Little Mr.: "Hey there chicka!"

Jules: "Um, who are you again?"

Jules and Little Mr. back in June of last year. It really is amazing how fast babies grow in the first year isn't it? Little Mr. is so tiny! This was originally blogged here.

Leroy and Phi.

The Mr.'s breakfast sandwich at Avenue Bread. He said it was really good.

The S family had to rush off to attend a wedding, so The Mr. and I bundled up Little Mr. and walked around to see the shops in Fairhaven for a while.

Fairhaven Toy Garden

Looking towards the water.

Tony's Coffee


  1. I like Fairhaven! I guess I need to come visit so we can check it out again. :)

  2. I agree Kim, I've been keeping a mental list of all the places I want to take you, so you really need to come!


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