Wednesday, March 14, 2007

P.G. Junior and Drooler Meet!

Phone Guy and Princess came to visit The Mr. and I in February (24-25th) and I forgot to share pictures, so here they are! Their little Philemon, who we will call P.G. Junior, is such a sweetie and is SO little! It was the first time we had seen him. It is weird to think that the babies in our assembly use to be that small and to see how huge Drooler looked when sitting beside P.G. Junior! (Phone Guy Junior- he gets this nickname from this picture. Compare it to this and this!!! (Click the highlighted words for pictures.) P.G. Junior is definitely his father's son. :)

Again, all these should be clickable for huge versions.

These are the little hats I make. They are teddy bear hats but on occasion they make babies look more like Mickey Mouse or a mini hippopotamus.

Introduction to XBox 101. How to hold the controller and press buttons.

The new trio.

Sleeping peacefully for a few minutes in the car.


  1. Those hats are so cute!!!
    There are such cute patterns out there and knit stuff is the rage. If you have kids they will be so spoiled!! (and lucky)

  2. Nice job on those little hats! They look really cute! Did you find the pattern or make them up yourself?

    He should pick up XBox in no time!

  3. HRH- There isn't a pattern for the hats. They are single crochet. I crochet a flat circle until it looks the right size, and then single crochet round and round until it is long enough. Then the ears are just two more little flat circles sewed onto the hat. One edge of the circles are pulled flat to sew to the hat. Do you crochet?

  4. Cute hats nothin! Those are cute babies! Those pictures of phone guy and his little clone are just too cute!

  5. You take great pictures Chatty! The one of Drooler and P.G. Jr. with their hats on is so cute!


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